Another Chloe deal/steal

  1. I just got off the phone with Mary about the Heloise bag and she told me about a brand new bag she has. She hasn't even called any of her customers ...yet. It's a black patent paddington (the old lock) for $719.90. I've never been a huge paddy fan but I know lots of others are. I asked her if I could pass this deal along and she said that would be great.
    God, I hope this goes to a TPFr! Oh and if you're wodering about the Heloise it's on hold until 3 pm eastern time. Then it's fair game if it wasn't sold.
    Ask for Mary (410)296-2111. I think this is in Maryland. It's a Nordstrom.
  2. Thanks for letting us know! That's a great deal..hopefully some tpfer gets her!
  3. wow... thats awesome! thanks for sharing! :tup: