Another chase the mailman saga...Choc day delight!

  1. :shame:I can only tell you guys. I laughed the other day when a member said he chased down the mailman. But, I did it today...BIG time! I left my house around the time he was to be there so I'd run an errand, come back, run an errand, come back, you get the picture.:upsidedown:

    Then, I got stuck at the car wash while the owner fixed a hose and I could feel the mailman's presence at my house! Sure enough, I get there and I must have missed him by minutes! I have two kids in the car and I go searching for him!:nuts: MInd you, I have no idea which neighborhood he goes to after my house so I just started driving. Like a mad-woman. Thirty minutes later, less gas, one mistaken postman that I stalked and asked questions to, 2 kids whining "I don't waaaant to chase the mail man anymore mommy...I wanna go home!", and "mommy's driving faaaasstt...weeeee", a very fast U-turn on a busy road when I saw that I met him face on....I tracked the guy down in the middle of a cul-de-sac in a nearby neighborhood!!:nuts::nuts: He couldn't believe I found him as I guess he went and ate lunch after my house. LOL

    Here's the funniest part to me! I said to him, "Rudy, I'm glad I caught up to you as you have a VERY important package of mine...... It's a purse." He said (I kid you not!) "It's not one of those fraud ones, is it?" LOL:nogood::lol: "Nope...don't believe in those".. So he goes on to tell me he just watched some documentary or something about them. TOO older mailman knows more than half the women in my town do!

    Whew! What a ramble!

    :yahoo:It was worth it! I received a chocolate day and it is SO ME! It will be the most perfect everyday bag...very casual but fun! I absolutely love it! I promise to take some pics, I just haven't had the time. (I wasted almost an hour chasing the thing down!)
  2. Thanks for sharing the story!! Shows what lengths we'll go to for our bags... I especially love your kids' reactions :p -- sooo funny!! Congrats on your Day!!
  3. Congrats M!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
  4. Great story! I'm going to be chasing down my boss in the morning. I know he's going to come in late just to drive me crazy. I loooooooove chocolate and can't WAIT to see pictures. Congrats on your new bag!

  5. Excuse the bad pic and I might not get any better ones taken. It's very difficult to take a picture of yourself w/out your husband seeing you sneak your bag and your camera off to a hidden spot! LOL

    Sorry about the ugly, dirty mirror and my lack of hair style! But truth is, this is my look every day! And, I'm in a cold weather climate, so no one sees my bags w/out a coat on. I'll take pics of her later, when hubby is busy. :smile:
    choc day 001.jpg choc day 012.jpg
  6. Congrats.:yahoo: You look fab with your Chocolate Day.:tup: I was waiting to see your modeling pics. :graucho:
  7. It looks great!! I think the casual look goes perfectly with the Day. :yes: Congrats again!!
  8. Awww congrats, I'm so glad you tracked her down! And your kids reactions :lol: hahaha thats awesome. I love your bag, its perfect for everyday (hence probably why the call it the day bag lol) Yay!!
  9. You look adorable with it!!! :cutesy: Enjoy!!!
  10. :flowers:^^^A special thanks to you dear one!
  11. I just had an aha moment.:lol: Makes perfect sense now! ;)
  12. You've taken chasing the mailman down the street to a whole new level! I myself have done the occasional stalk-and-sprint down the block, but it takes determination and faith to get your car and drive around various neighborhoods. :lol::tup:

    And SOOOO worth it! You look adorable with it. You two totally suit each other.;)
  13. Mshel, you are so funny, this is something I can relate too, the hairstyle
    nad the weather, your bag is fantastic.
  14. :shame::shame::shame:It's so shameful! LOL, but seriously, who in the world could I tell that story to but you girls? (and does it help when the note said I couldn't retrieve it until tomorrow and I'll be out of town tomorrow? :smile:)
  15. great pics of the *secret* chocolate day! Your story is absolutely hilarious, I love how the mailman was checking the authenticity on it :lol: