Another Charm Me Mini ...

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  1. ... in Pewter Crash.
    This thread is tardy ... I received the bag last Thursday, but haven't had a chance to post pictures.
    Modifications ...
    Zippers Pulls instead of tassels (I'm SO nervous about getting the tassels caught in something ...);
    Rolled Handles instead of the threaded ones (I generally prefer rolled handles, but haven't really had a chance to compare vs. the threaded handles, as my LM mini is elsewhere being broken in);
    Light Blue Lining;
    Shortened Strap Drop to 7".

    Taken outside, overcast sky, without flash.

    Taken indoors, evening, indirect sunset, without flash.

    Taken inside car, slightly overcast day, without flash.

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  2. Oh, wow!! I love it!! I had asked Jackie about the rolled handles before but am so glad to see a picture of an actual bag with them! I had considered pewter too but was scared of the bling factor but wow, it's so pretty!! Congratulations on a stunning bag!! It's incredible!
  3. ^^ Thanks, tlloveshim! The bling factor worried me, too ... I mean, I really like the colour, but didn't think I could actually carry it - that's why I had to get my sister (twist her rubber arm) to break in my Group Bespoke LM mini for me ... but when I saw it ON her shoulder, it really didn't look so bad.
    Plus, the mini was a BIT small for her, so I ordered this one in case she wants it when I get my LM mini back in a few weeks.
    So now, I might be breaking this one in for her!
  4. Very nice! I"m wearing my pewter today and I must say that I'm really getting the hang of it now. I do believe I"M ROCKIN pewter!!!!;)

    Enjoy your new bag!
  5. wow! it's beautiful!! i love the light blue lining, too!! It looks fantastic with the rolled handles and it's nice to see it with the zipper pulls instead of tassels.. I LOVE it!
  6. Thanks, lovebags2 - glad to hear you're "getting the hang of it", too! I've noticed as I peek in the reflection of windows as I'm going by, it really doesn't seem badly blingy at all.
  7. Thanks, finzup! I think the light blue is my favourite so far, and the rolled handles really are quite comfy.
  8. Wow! What a gorgeous bag! You did an amazing job!!
  9. ^^ thanks, Jenny1963 ... but i certainly can't take credit. The BE team, y'know. They make it so easy to pick a good looking bag. ;)
  10. I love it!! Maybe even more than my matte petrol:P Enjoy!
  11. Very nice! :smile:
  12. It looks gorgeous with your modifications! The more I see of the Charm Me the more I love it!
  13. Love it! It really does look great with the rolled handles as well and it's stunning in the Pewter. Congrats!
  14. Oh my GOSH that is beautiful! I'd thought maybe rolled handles would be more comfy on this style but never could really picture it...thank you so much for the pics. I agree with you about the light blue lining, I love it in my Charm Me and wouldn't hesitate to get it again. And the pewter is just incredible. Enjoy!
  15. Lovely, lovely!! Aren't the rolled handles incredibly comfortable? And the pewter crash looks good in EVERYTHING!!! You did a wonderful job customizing this bag. :yes: