Another charity idea...

  1. I by no means want to hijack Becca's thread and don't think these two conflict but I just wanted to let you know about a charity that all of us may be able to help. I just got involved with them a month ago. Some of you may already have heard about it or one similar to it. Here in Chicago, it is called the Glass Slipper Project. It is an organization that provides prom dresses, shoes, HANDBAGS, makeup and other accessories to girls who are unable to purchase their own prom attire. Today was the first day we had the girls in -- we spent two other days setting up. We had 650 girls come in today. Some started lining up at midnight last night (in the rain) just so they could get in. We are having two more days of this so they expect close to 2000 girls to come through. If you have any prom appropriate stuff, please consider donating. It was so amazing to see these girls come in and feel like princesses.

    Here is a link to organizations that have similar projects:

    If anyone wants any info, please send me a PM.
  2. That sounds awesome and it seems that they have emerged around the country. We had one at our local high school recently. They have also been held to help katrina victims. Everyone could probably find a local one.
  3. I LOVE This Idea.
  4. I've heard of this!! Wow I never knew that there's similar projects in near my hometown. I definitely have to look more into this because I have tons of dresses I don't wear anymore.

  5. That sounds awesome !

    I remember how one girl couldn't buy a prom dress wrote to the Desperate Housewives people and they loaned her Gabrielle's dress from the first episode (she was mowing the lawn in it !).
  6. Wow, nice idea.
  7. I love it! Something similar that I donated to after I left my career for motherhood was a charity that donated business suits/professional work attire to women coming off of welfare for their first job. I really think the concept of both is awesome.
  8. I saw it on tv a while ago, and would love to participate but there is nothing like this in my sleepy city. Is it hard to start something up like this, chigirl? It might too late now since it's too close to prom parties and graduations, but never too late for the future. I volunteer to an organisation locally, I think the glassslipperproject would be fun for those of us who likes to that sorts of stuffs i.e. beautiful things.
  9. Thats such a nice idea. I wish I heard about this before my prom because I had decided last minute that I was going to mine. The dress I did end up getting though I dont think I could ever part with.
  10. Great idea, chigirl!