Another Chanel Poll

  1. Ok, ladies--I think I've figured out what I'm doing for purses for the REST of the year! But I need some input. I've decided I can get two more bags this year--MAYBE one more after that. But NO MORE than three.... :lol:

    So which combo would you choose:

    1) Luxury Metallic Black Medium Bowler & Large Grey Reissue

    2) Luxury Metallic Black Medium Bowler & Large Black Reissue with silver hardware (coming out in late Spring/early Summer)

    3) Luxury Metallic Black Flap Bag & Large Grey Reissue

    4) Luxury Metallic Black Flap Bag & Large Black Reissue with silver hardware
  2. My vote goes to combination #2 but really, you can't go wrong with any of them!
  3. I would go with number 4. Wicked, you know how I feel about the grey. I personally prefer the flap bag because you can wear it over the shoulder comfortablely. Tight squeeze with the bowler in my opinion. You can always go with #5, flap bag, grey and the new black reissue!!
  4. ^^^ Hahah! NO number 5! I'm leaning a little towards the bowler as being a nice casual bag that can be dressed up a little. I was thinking that maybe two black flap bags is too much.... So #2 is attractive right now. But I'd love to hear everyone's opinion.
  5. my vote goes to #2 as well. =)
  6. My vote goes to #4 :biggrin:
  7. Number 2 for sure.
  8. i would go with no.4
    im deying to get a large flap...not sure it would suit me though!
  9. I'd go with # 2.
  10. I'd say 2 or 1. And -- in your case I'd say 2, since I've read your previous posts about the new black reissues with the silver chain. It sounds as though you'd prefer that combo. to the grey.
  11. hmmmm that was hard all are a great combination... however, I am choosing #4
  12. #1...I love the large Grey is so UNIQUE!
  13. #2!
  14. wicked, did you see my flap bag, it's different from the reissue flap.
  15. #4