Another Chanel or LV question - birthday/ summer present to myself ;)

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm absolutely loving the new corail and Rose Clair epi! And I'd love to get something before its gone. Well, I've currently only seen it on screen and not irl - but I'm sure I'll still love them.

    I'll also be making my first ever Chanel purchase - chanel sunnies for my upcoming holiday woohoo :biggrin:

    So, my question is - while buying my sunnies, do I get a Chanel card holder that I'll use as a small wallet for £245. I have wanted this for some time and as I said, I currently have nothing Chanel.
    Or do I get something in corail/ rose Clair? The only two things I'm considering are a new scarf/ shawl in the corail for £330 , or a zcp for £250

    Note - I already have a black mc card holder and amarante zcp. But I love both!

    All opinions appreciated :smile:

    Thanks in advance
  2. Oh, any pictures of corail or rose Clair would be greatly appreciated too. As well as any comments about the Chanel card holder :smile:
  3. Anyone? :sad:
  4. I vote for the Corail scarf!
  5. Love chanel sunglasses - they are so flattering! What style are you planning for? I am so in love with new style with the glittery arms!

    For as much as love chanel, I would vote against the card holder. It's a rather small item and not nearly as durable as LV canvas. So I would vote scarf
  6. I'm biased because I want the Corail, too :smile:
  7. Thank you :smile:

    It's so pretty isn't it! I keep meaning to start my Chanel collection but LV always bring out something pretty!
  8. I'm really unsure. All of the shapes are so gorgeous, there a about 8 or 9 different pairs that I'd like to try. The glittery arms are so pretty but quite pricey too! I wasn't expected them to be that much, gorgeous though!

    Really? That worries me... As I said to above poster, I really want to start my Chanel collection but keep getting side tracked with LV. What's wrong with the durability?
    Also, how do the scarfs hold up? As this will be my first large one (I've got one bandeau and a smaller thinner leopard scarf).

  9. I only have a shawl and the lotus scarf (which has more cotton, hence a lower price). Both are fine. Anything with silk will show some pulls over time.

    If you go with caviar leather, it is very string but I really think that nothing compared to LV for SLGs. I change purses as often as I can and throw things in and out of bags. Canvas is just tougher than leather. Given my propensity to not baby things, I have avoided all Chanel SLGs. The only one I own is a cosmetic bag and it was only because my DH insisted - the color was the summer bubblegum pink and it was one of the last ones left in the country. So I use it as a clutch. I would NEVER put it inside of my bag. But when I need a pink clutch, it's perfect. I'm not sure if they have a new batch out there, but it's a nice piece if you can find one. I would go that route versus sunglasses and a card case. The had black, which would have been my choice if I did not already have a black times less kiss lock - here is a picture to show the size - it's actually very large and half the cost of the kiss lock
  10. Thank you for advice in both threads! Absolutely love that, will definitely check it out if it's available. I've saved the picture to my phone (hope you don't mind) so I can ask them about it when I go. The price sounds reasonable too. I'm completely open to anything although I do hope to get the sunglasses, but I'll be looking at as many things as possible. Thanks again and what a lovely group shot!

  11. Of course not sweetie - please let me know if you have any other questions! Enjoy your chanel experience!
  12. What a difficult decision! The corail shawl is absolutely stunning, plus it never hurts to have some matching LV items!
    However, I just picked up my first pair of Chanel sunglasses last month and I am loving them! They're just perfect for the sunny days here in Cali.
  13. I vote for a shawl, you'll get more use out of it.
  14. Yes the corail stuff is wonderful. Get it :smile:
  15. I love chanel idea