Another Chanel necklace --*pics*

  1. Soo, for those of you who remembered, I returned my Chanel icon choker length necklace today and saw this at the store. :wlae: :yahoo: REALLY REALLY wanted this since I had seen it on eBay :smile:

    But I was kind of confused as I had heard it was an older piece but then when I was at Chanel I was told this was an 07P piece...

    It retails for 1150 USD and I got mine from Chanel Tysons Galleria--Mclean, VA

    Call and ask for Kyung, shes super nice and not pushy at all--you can let her know Cory referred you...



    Also--does anyone know how I would wear it shorter like how it looks on Marissa from the OC here? Or do you think hers is an older version thats shorter?


  2. ohhh and mine is the "goldtone" though--which I like since I wear mostly yellow gold and my timeless classic pearls are goldtone too
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. This is great choice Cory! You can wear it as a belt too?
  5. since this is actually a belt, they come in different lengths, maybe mischa's was the shorter belt, hence looks shorter as a necklace?

  6. Yep--I can wear it as a belt too--I got the 80cm one and it fit me perfectly as a belt too. Thanks :smile:

    Just trying to figure out how to wear it shorter like Mischa Barton is wearing it in that pic...any ideas?

  7. Hmm--possibly--but that would mean this is a timeless piece they bring back since Mischa hasnt been on the OC for over 1.5 years now (yes yes...Im a dork--"former" OC fan here LOL)

    And I got an that the shortest Chanel belts usually come in?
  8. beautiful!!

    hmm... maybe you can try tying the back in a knot and that would make it appear shorter when you wear it. of course, you'll have to wear your hair down to cover the knot unless you dont mind it
  9. can't remember, either 70 or 75. the 5cm, which i think is the diffrence between each size made quite a big difference when i was deciding on the size for my belt.
    and this is not a seasonal piece, it's a classic.
  10. I love that necklace! Will you show us all the combinations? How many ways can you wear it? :yes:

  11. Ohhh okay--hmm...I should try it again to be sure 80cm is the best fit for me then :smile:

    btw-how do you like your icon necklace?
  12. Sure--I'll try to take some pics in the next day or so :smile:

    once i figure all the ways out myself haha

  13. i didn't end up getting it, it was breathtaking if you look at each pearl closely, but far away, it didn't stand out, and plus it didn't sit quite like a choker that i was hoping for, so i had to say goodbye to it...but i did take home another baby, i've yet to post picturs.
  14. Gawd!!!!! Soooooo lovely!!! Congrats!!!
  15. This is such a stunning piece. :drool: I would love to see pics of the combinations as well! Congrats!