Another Chanel loot to post about: necklace scarf and hat

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  1. 07A cashmere black and grey reversible camelia scarf from NM Tysons Galleria, VA
    (Pretty big and wide, I'm not sure if it kind of "consumes" me since I'm small =X)


    Here it is on the black side being worn, but yah its pretty big right? I just love the fact I can wear it both sides and the design is continuous and thru out...cos sometimes I feel like with scarfs you can only see the design/pattern when you lay it flat out (which isnt how youd be wearing it :confused1:

  2. 07A cashmere cap with patent leather trim from Saks Chevy Chase, MD
    (debating between this and the other hat some fellow TPFers have bought recently, I think bulletproofsoul and ldldb)

    Any thoughts on this one? I'm debating between keeping this at all, to whether I should get the other hat that ldldb and bulletproofsoul just bought OR I could keep this too if i feel like its amazing AND also get the other one in a different color. But I remember the other one feeling a bit big on my head...but I tried it on once (they dont have it anymore at the Chanel near me...) and maybe I was having a bad hair/ugly day but I didnt feel it and it didnt go home with me. I wonder if I would feel differently if I saw it again and in different colors.

    But yah, this fits me well, I have a small head so if a hat is too big it flops down to my eyes I guess and I cant see, esp since Im small/short and I often have to look up bf thought it was hilarious when i explained this to him




  3. 07A/P? (not sure when Lucky Charms collection came out since mine came w/o tags from the Chanel in Orlando, FL)

    I wasnt going to keep it since I only saw a blk/wht pic from the Chanel book when they ordered it for me and have been debating this for a long time as its 1445 USD (YIKES) but I didnt expect it to have the black and white pearl beads and everything about it just seems so classic and I do :heart: it!!

    ARGH :s

    Anyone else have thoughts on this one? I wasnt sure if Id see something else I liked more in Cruise 08 but my SA at NM who didnt even sell me this said this was a really classic piece and could be worn with everything...the only thing is that the 2 CC logos are kinda small? Am I being silly for worrying about that?? LOL :sad:



  4. lovely haul! i prefer the hat ldldb has - it is stunning! :heart:
  5. Great picks, congrats!
  6. great haul. I love the necklace (not the price though)
  7. Love the necklace and I personally prefer not so large CCs. It's classy just the way it is.

    I'm not a hat person, per se -- so I don't have an opinion.

    The scarf, I'm a fan of scarves and have made some nice very ones, if I must say so myself. I like to take the ends of the scarf and put them together (as to double the scarf). Put it around the neck, then bring the two end pieces which are together through the loop on the opposite end. It snugs up to the neck on those windy, cold days, shortens the scarf and makes it neat. We don't need an Isadora Duncan redux.

    Nice pieces -- thanks for sharing your new additions!!
  8. Love your loot!!! Congrats!!!
  9. I love this hat on you! I don't like the way baseball hats look on me, and the other hat just looked much better on me! I say get the other cap in a different color! ;) But then, it's kind of steep to spend so much on another hat. I didn't have a Chanel hat at all, so I feel one is enough for me. :yes: I love your loot!

  10. Great the hat and necklace. Congrats on everything!:smile:
  11. love your loot! congrats! especially love the necklace and scarf!
  12. I love all of your stuff! That hat is so cute and the necklace is gorgeous. I think the scarf looks great on you. Perfect for Winter!
  13. the hat's cute! if you don't mind me asking, how much did you get it for? if my head was bigger, i'd definitely get either yours or ldldb's LOL. but i have a very small head and face so usually i avoid hats like a plague! LOL!

  14. OMG calisnoopy, we have the same (great) taste!:p I'm getting that same scarf from NM in the same colors. I think it looks great on you. I like the print and pattern, and I agree that it's nice to see it on both sides. I haven't seen it IRL (my NM does not have Chanel, but I do order through their look book all the time). Is it soft? How does it feel? I can't wait to get mine.

    I also tried to get that necklace, but my SA couldn't find any (in NM). I only saw it in the look book, so I didn't have a real clear picture of it. But to see yours in your pictures, I LOVE IT :nuts:. I too love that the CC's are smallish, and I love the different colored pearls and stones, this is a beautiful necklace. I have the matching earrings for it and wanted that necklace. If you decide not to keep it and return it to NM, please have your SA hold it and I will call for it.

    Congratulations on all your beautiful purchases :tup:
  15. Hiya!! haha...yes the scarf is super soft--it came also in beige brown/light beige color I think but I didnt see that. My NM had only 2 of the grey/blk ones. Its wide though and kinda thick, so its not so easy to do the "double up and loop thru around your neck" style that another kind TPFer suggested. I mean, you can wear it that way but I felt slightly strangled doing that or super warm I guess and I dont usually like things too snug around my neck I guess.

    And on the necklace, if you want it, NM did not order it at all, but Chanel boutiques did. I can give you my SA's name at Chanel Tysons Galleria and she can put an order and have it shipped to you. I think last time I checked there were just 3 left in the country. Saks sold out of it in the location I visited and they said they got it in white I think??