Another Chanel in Hong Kong

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  1. Hi ladies, there's a new Chanel shop in Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City opened yesterday, so in total there're over 7 shops here in such a small place.. I'll take a look to see if any exclusive stuffs there.. :yahoo:
  2. Cool!
  3. yaay! just in time for my visit in july~
  4. wow! At least maybe you'll get to see a wide variety of Chanel's inventory.
  5. Wow!! I'm gonna have to make another trip to Hong Kong soon.
  6. Boo...Hoo.... (sobs)...when will I be going to Hong Kong again??
  7. Thanks billbill!!

    Btw, I'll be going to Hong Kong in early April. My friend and I are still looking for reasonably cheap (not hostel or budget) hotel to stay. Major influence factor wld be near/in to TST/Jordan and walking distance to the MTR. Am hoping if any lovely ladies could suggest to us a decent place to stay.

    We'll be there for 5 days/4 nights. Planning to go for a day trip to Macau. Do u think its enough time to visit Disneyland and other places of interest? Our main reason to go there is to shop, but we would like to explore the city abit as well.

  8. if you go Macau, go wynns to shop there :p they usually have the chanel bags that are sold out immed in hongkong :p

    my friend grabbed a baby cabas from wynns when it was totally gone in hongkong. also I bought my ritz from wynns.. never saw it in hongkong cuz it was gone gone gone by then :p

    and I'm so excited harbour city has one, I just LOVE harbour city :smile: now to just to hop over to hongkong.... :biggrin:

    but I guess the prices have gone up up up as well, :sad: :sad: :sad:
  9. Also in Macau, all there is really is to go see the main casinos, lisboa, sands, wynns. And then there's only really one square to shop at and that's senato? square. where there is that fountain thing. you can start from st paul's cathedral (which I think is probably their most famous landmark), and make your way down. there are shops in the main square, but basically you can find all those in hongkong too. macau goodies would be near st pauls. like peanut candies eggtarts etc yum :smile: and oh yeah, antique furniture shops as well.

    there's also new yaohan, but that's really nothing much.
  10. i just came back from hong kong and stayed in MAJESTIC HOTEL which was on nathan road and close to the Jordan MTR station. It was really convenient and it was cheap
  11. they already had one in Intercontinental Hotel in TST, what an expansion ! hahhaa
  12. hello. great that you'll come to Hong Kong. You can stay in Miramar hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Eaton hotel Majestic hotel in Jordan, Langham hotel in Mongkok, all are near MTR stations.

    Well, if you've been to other Disneyland, the one from HK is just so-so. I've visited Disney in Florida, california and Tokyo, all are much larger and better than that in HK. However, you can buy some exclusive stuffs here, like those mickey mouse in chinese costumes.

    If only 5 days, then 1 day in macau, visit disneyland in early morning and leave around 4 or 5 pm, go back to TST for shopping since shops are closed around 8 or 9... Enjoy..:yahoo:
  13. Thanks soo much, ladies!!

    Those are some helpful info. Will consider the hotels suggested and decide real soon. My friend and I are really looking forward to this trip as we will be leaving our DHs behind. Time-out for girls only! Yay!!!
  14. I was in HK a few years ago. I know exactly where the TST is!! My favorite mall was the one in the financial distict. I think it was called Central. Very chic and fun. All the best stores.

    I also really liked Shanghai Tang! That is a must see in HK.
  15. Also, you definately need to go to IFC (International Financial Center) I & II, they have pretty much all brand name stores and great high-end department flagship store calls Lane Crawford. Also, Landmark and Prince Building have great stores. IFC I & II, Landmark, Prince are all in Central. Pacific Place will be the place to check out, it is located in Admiralty, right above the MTR Station, and they have at least 2 hotels linked to Pacific Place, JW Mariott & Conrad Hotels.