another Chanel Haiku Poem...

  1. ok! i feel creative (and obsessive) here's a new Haiku poem (3 lines: 5 syllables, 7, and then 5 again) (some of you may recall that i posted a thread re: this in November, when i was a newbie!)

    Baby animals
    asking me to be their mom
    They're on Chanel purse

    some more....

    Rock and chain, oh my!
    Please bump me to top of list
    I pray to Chanel god

    and --

    Darling cotton club
    How much is membership fee...............


    oooooooh i think i better stop while i'm ahead
    the talent is so not happening tonight
  2. *claps*:roflmfao:
  3. Too funny !
  4. Bows to Purse!!
    Wish I could come to your Palm Beach get together but ...alas can not...(see avatar picture)
  5. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: funny!!!
  6. That sounds like a bad obssession! You have included almost all the newer lines! :p:p
  7. LOL! I wonder if it's better to get your obsession out with a haiku than to head over to the nearest shop...:p
  8. I love them!
  9. LOL :yes: