Another chanel for me ....

  1. My latest entry:

    small pearl-white flap bag...


    Though I really like this little leave me again soon.

    There's something about it I cannot explain.:confused1: ..but this bag doesn't make me feel really happy to have it... :s

  2. It's so cute!
  3. It's adorable!

    Is it too small, or perhaps sitting at the wrong spot on your hip?
  4. In fact the chain strap is too short to shoulder it that way like on the 2nd pic :shame:
  5. Very cute!! Looks nice on you!
  6. Aww it's darling! But if you don't feel the love, definitely return it.
  7. As cute as it is, I'm thinking the balance of the bag and chain is wrong.
  8. Very cute though!
    If you could, please add the name, color, price and photos to the Reference Library, it's be nice to have that color in teh Flaps thread:yes:
  9. It actually looks very cute on you, sadly you are going to return it
  10. SO Pretty, what a perfect little bag!
  11. Hmm, it's very cute, but the proportion is off somehow. Like the chain is too long for the size of something.
  12. So cute!
  13. It's so cute! Too bad it isn't the one for you...
  14. It is cute !!
  15. looks chic !