Another Carrie reveal!! Tobacco Pleated!

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  1. This is my second Carrie and I must say I'm already itching for more! Love love love the pleated leather and the rich brown color! The interior is also a beautiful burnt orange...perfect for fall! I also bought the matching zippy wallet! What do you all think?
    image-4131008986.jpg image-2135189531.jpg image-2145209761.jpg image-1071839886.jpg
  2. Oh boy, I think that's my next bag! Beautiful!!! Katherine
  3. Very Nice! Congrats!
  4. Love your bag and wallet, love that color, What color is the inside of the wallet?
  5. Another one - she's beautiful! I thought I wanted to try the Juliette but I think I'm just gonna get another Carrie - I love this style!!!
  6. Does this come in black too?? I just bought the Black/silver Lindsey yesterday but I like the Carrie more!
  8. I LOVE them both!!! Zip around wallets are my fav.. Beautiful inside and out.
  9. Gorgeous!!! Congrats, that is a beautiful shade of brown!!!
  10. Ok I can't stop drooling over your pics, I ordered the Bordeaux pleated, but now I'm wondering if I should have bought this instead! I might need to exchange....or get both!
  11. Gorgeous! Is the leather soft?
  12. Beautiful and love the orange lining!!
  13. Oooh, that's gorgeous!! I love the alternating pleats, & the orange lining is a perfect complementary color for that leather! WOW :loveeyes: Love, love, LOVE.
  14. What is the number on the wallet?
  15. I have to stop looking at these Carrie reveals! Its so beautiful I have to have one. That pleating is to die for.