Another Caramel 05 City!

  1. It sure does look good! Good luck Glimmer, I hope you get it!
  2. This is the first color Bbag that set me seen on *lol* Ashlee Simpson. But I think I since read that hers was fake! Hmmmmm. Real or fake, Ashlee's was earlier than 05 but I've really liked the 05 Caramels that I've seen.

    Does anyone here have this color??
  3. I don't have it, but from all of the pictures I've seen, 05 caramels look like they all have gorgeous leather!
  4. I have an '05 caramel purse and my leather is not great. It is "better" than s/s '06 but not as nice as other '05s or as nice as some other '05 caramels I have seen. I think someone once said it was like bordeaux, with lots of variations in the leather.
  5. Chi... what in particular is not great about your leather? Does it looks similar to this one?
  6. I know that seller and she is one of the best on eBay. She's also a member here but does not post that much. Her stuff is top notch and she's super super nice.
  7. No, this one looks better. Mine is just sorta shiny and a bit veiny.