Another BV for me!

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    Hi All,

    Hope everyone is well!!

    I did it again. I purchased another BV. LOL
    You're probably wondering which one did I go for this time? It's the LOTUS large veneta. And I couldn't be more pleased. It's the perfect spring/summer bag I was craving. What a wise investment! Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed it doesn't get dirty and whether or not I should treat it.

    I feel SO lucky to have finally located this bag since it's completely sold out as far as I know. I"m glad I was patient since this is a bag truly worth the patience and determination I needed to track one down. The color is the prettiest pink I"ve ever seen on a bag. Very soft and feminine.

    I think I've got my BV collection right where I want it these days. I have my nero and ebano for winter and lotus here I come for spring! My collection has mainly the classic styles so it was nice to stay true to another classic but just in a different color for a change.

    And pink just happens to be MY color. It goes great with my complexion AND my wardrobe. Does it get any sweeter?

    I"ll get a pic on my thread soon for everyone to enjoy! xo

    Oh why didn't I find BV sooner ladies?
  2. Whoo hoo! Can't wait to see pictures!
  3. Lotus is so pretty. Glad you found her. Can't wait to se pictures.
  4. Congratulations! Lotus is one of the best pinks from BV. Can't wait for photos :smile:
  5. Yay!!! Congrats! Can't wait for some photos!
  6. Reveals! Reveals!! Sounds beautiful!!! :woohoo::biggrin:
  7. congrats...cant wait for pics
  8. Can't wait to see pics...Congrats!! I love Lotus!!
  9. let the drum roll begin.....
  10. LOL, you ladies are so much fun!!!! xoxo

    Okay let me just go finish a few errands and I"ll get some pics here later this afternoon. I can't wait to see what you think. I'm a little biased of course but I think this has to be one of the prettiest bags I've ever purchased other then my other BV's why of course!;)
  11. lotus is completely gorgeous!
  12. Can't wait....I've never seen Lotus before. :popcorn:
  13. #13 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    Hi Ladies,
    Just a quick update. I took a couple pics even included my all time favorite wallet (Ebano zip around) and my computer decided to give me a hard time with downloading. Yikes!

    No worries. I'll have hubby help me later tonight or over the weekend.

    On a brighter note did I mention I absolutely LOVE this bag? Can't wait for the reveal soon!
  14. Hey J!!! Glad you found the Lotus!!! I can't wait to see the pic. I've nver seen the color and am wondering how it compares to Magnolia.

    So tell me, how much do you love it? hahaha
  15. Lotus is like really fine cotton candy! Your excitement is really contagious, congrats!!:biggrin:
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