Another Bric's in the wall :-)


Sep 21, 2014
I wanted a small, crossbody bag similar to the Gucci Disco bag, but I didn't want to pay the Gucci price (I'd already spent quite a bit this year on bags from Gucci, Dior, Caroline Herrera and others). In Milan, I came across this little Bric's bag. I loved the deep cherry color and the chocolate brown leather trim. Made in Italy and still only about 150 euros. It's compact and light, but still holds quite a bit, including my LV Zippy wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, lipstick, kleenex pack and a few other items. The outside zip pocket is handy for my phone or tram pass.

We've bought a few things from Bric's over the past two years, including wheeled luggage, duffel bag and small leather goods. So far, everything has been holding up well and we like their designs.

Anyone else have bags or luggage from Bric's?