Another bowler to share.. =)

  1. first of all, thanks for all the ladies giving me comment on whether to get the miu miu patchwork tote or prada white bowler.. i get the 3rd choice today.

    i know u may have seen many bowlers recently.. here is mine, white deerskin with tints of grey.. i just want to grab sth light colors during the sale, and i did!!! :yahoo:
    prada-bowler-1-1.jpg prada-bowler-me-1-1.jpg prada-bowler-me-2.JPG
  2. Great choice!

    The SA also brought this colour out when i was choosing mine. I took the silver coz easy maintenance than white. But i loved the gold hardware looks against the white/grey leather! Nice! :tup:
  3. congrats! looks great on you!
  4. Congratulation!!! This bowler is better than the other two choices. Love it!!!
  5. I never get tired of seeing Prada bowlers!! The previous few seasons bags have been too boxy for my tastes, so ROCK THEM BOWLERS, YA'LL!! :rochard:
  6. Gorgeous bag!! I would have chosen that one, too! Congrats!!
  7. i almost bought this a few months ago! congrats on a good choice! bill bill, can you tell me where you get this from?
  8. Gorgeous colour. Congrats!
  9. thanks ladies for your kind words.. :yes:

    bagpunk, i bought this in the IFC prada shop in Hong Kong. the sale started last fri but i haven't seen this bag. last night, i visited there just want to check out any special items on sale since the SA told me the sale items vary in different stores. luckily, this bag just arrived and only 2 is available. it also comes in black, and another similar one but larger in size.
  10.'s gorgeous! the color is so beautiful! congrats!
  11. ah. my SA in singapore did say that there are two left of the antik cervo bowler in hong kong, one of which she could bring into singapore if i wanted too. but i already have the naturale e/w satchel and did not like any of the other colours on the bowlers. i love that shape... i wish i had bought the dark brown e/w instead of the flat hobo, so i can get this bowler in the naturale colour.... argh.

    you mean they have a larger size of this bowler? in naturale and white? no dark brown i suppose...

    do you find that this bowler looked kinda slouchy when carried if the stuffing is removed? some bags look nice when slouchy, but the bowler looks a bit funny. what's your experience?

  12. the larger size of bowler is in black, the one i got is available in black also. i haven't seen other colors like naturale or dark brown

    yes, the bag is kinda slouchy. i haven't used it yet. i plan to put some "hard paper" for the base (like those some shopping bags) to make it look better. i was taught by a prada SA before and i used it for my prada frame bag and miu miu tote. it does work, at least the bag does not drop so heavily.. :p
  13. Beautiful!
  14. billbill,

    congrats on the purchase! and great action pics!
  15. love your bag billbill!

    does anyone know if this is still available in the USA? i know i am late in the game...