Another Bowler Blondie for Sale?

  1. OMG...GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not sure about the condition its in though...probably would need more pics to determine how used it really is...price might be high for its condition...
  2. I agree. Aren't you going to go for it?:drool:
  3. Not this one...I prefer the white blondies with the webbing...holding out for those! :girlsigh:

    What about you? :wlae:
  4. OMG this is gorgeous!!!!! :love:
  5. TOO GORGEOUS...but I agree about the price. Does it seem high? It's not if it's a new bag, but there isn't enough detail in the pics.....too bad I'm on a purse ban!
  6. The price is high but that's how much these babies usually go for. I believe a few Pfer's bought there Blondies for around the same price. The Pfer's that got them below $1,000 are the ones that got lucky or the condition of the blondie was not up to par. This one looks pretty well kept.
  7. OMG, was the price raised since the original listing, or am I mistaken, I thought it was $1275 or $'s over $1400 now??????

  8. You are right the price did go up... Way up! I think the seller realized that the bag is in demand even though it's an older Gucci. It's just about $1500. Even though the price is up there someone will end up buying this bag. :s
  9. yes, the price sure was raised from its original listing.:shrugs: What's up with that? geesh! For that much money I would like to see more up close and personal pics.
  10.'s going through the roof!! I hope it is in near mint condition for the price.
  11. :wtf: yeah she did!!! I can't believe it!
  12. I paid about $900 for my white one on ebay.

    $1400! Maybe for the white one but the black to me isn't worth that much just for the look of the bag unless you are a diehard collector of these.

    The new large Britt Boston also comes in black with light gold GGs is kind of similar Gucci and it is $1470
  13. I'm not getting it. Too expensive. I would buy if brand new. She is insane! I won't pay that much for a used purse.:supacool:
  14. I completely agree...can't believe they RAISED the price!!! I thought the original price was likely too high given the condition as it was. I'll be shocked if someone buys this at the new price...