Another BOW Clutch on our Playground! YAY!!

  1. So I RAN to Prada today -- I wanted to see the Gauffre in pink. They had the wallets but not the bag yet -- sniffle waaa! :crybaby: (My SA called Madison Ave. and asked them to ship two over so I can see it.)

    BUT -- I have been lusting over the nappa bow clutch since last spring when I first saw it at Prada and today, I took one home with meeeee! :yahoo: Anyway, she's black...I checked out the three colors they had today -- a reddish pink, a deep purple and the black. The two other colors were so lovely, really, they were, but i think the black is much more practical for me. I absolutely adore it and I love especially how it holds more than you'd think and as much as I need -- my french purse, small makeup pouch, cell phone and key pouch. I'm charging the camera batteries now, so I'll post pics later.

    I can't remember who asked about the rosette clutch -- P-Psycho, was it you?? Anyway, I checked it out for you today and it does come in leather and it's $995. vs $850. for the bow. They had the same colors today as the bow, a reddish pink, a purple and black.

    Then I was thinking about buying the pink gauffre wallet too until I saw an adorable FP style wallet with a bow on the front... loved that! So now I'm thinking!

    OK, pics later! :yes:
  2. New year, new resolution. I'm going to devote more time to Prada. Can't wait to see your pictures!
  3. Pics - yey!
  4. I need to see pictures Minette !!!! Now !!! You are SUCH a tease ;)
  5. Sorry for the tease... having camera problems. Not the best pics, but, camera problems! And here she is! I'll model later after work!


  6. Very nice! And congrats on your new love! I am also being converted into a Prada fan after seeing this bow design though i bought the small tote not the clutch. :p
  7. Congrats Minette!!! She is sooo lovely..I just love this bag..What is the interior like?
  8. So, so cute! I just love it...but I'm afraid it would sit in it's dustbag and only be brought out a few times a year for me!

    Enjoy it!
  9. OK, a couple of quick, after-work-I'm-tired-throw-on-jeans-shots. Not the best pics but just to give an idea...

    This is exactly what I wanted for a grab-and-go-bag for errands and sometimes for shopping when I just want my wallet, keys and phone. And without the strap, I think it makes a sweet little evening clutch.

    Emmy, the inside just has one small patch pocket and just a lot of space for a small size!

    Thanks ladies! :smile:


  10. Love how you can tuck your hand into it while wearing the strap -- looks great for a quick errand run !! Excellent idea and choice.
    Enjoy !!!! This was fun to come home from a rough day and see !!!
  11. aww, thanks Jen! I can't tell you how badly I wished I had bought this bag before I went to Paris in November. I walked around sooo much and wished I'd had just a small, black bag with me like this. Walking through a foreign city for several hours -- I'd have loved to have had this and slid my hand in just like in the photo. Ah well, I'm all ready for next time!
  12. Very cute! love it. :tup: I know what you mean about wanting a small bag - this is a perfect solution and is giving me some ideas.... :graucho:
  13. I LOVE IT!!!!
    COngrats!SO CUTE!
  14. Congrats- she's adorable!
  15. Thanks ladies!! Surprised myself -- wore it yesterday, had to go to an all day off-site meeting and dinner after... carried my large black leather "work bag" with all of my work folders and stuff and decided on the clutch with strap for my personal items -- looked great with a black suit and transitioned perfectly into dinner. LOVE this little baggy!!