Another Boobie...Black White 2004 $198 BIN

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  1. She has had it on ebay before, its the canvas and leather one. I made an offer but it will probably get declined, I dont think it was a good offer now that I think about it. We'll see.
  2. heh! heh!

  3. congrats! its super cute!
  4. YAY!!! congrats Donna...
  5. wow!!
    another boobie to add to that collection!
    you sure have a lot lof them!!!
  6. congrats donna!! i thought that seemed like a nice price for BIN! :yahoo:
  7. Donna, you are going crazy with the Boobies~~~! YEAH!!! Like someone said before, you should open up a Bobbie museum!!!:P
  8. Donna and her boobies hehehehe
    Congrats Donna!:yahoo:
  9. Seriously, Donna, you should unite them into a necklace and wear them all at the same time :graucho: You'll look like the craziest, more fashionable bag lady :roflmfao:
  10. another boobie donna?... CONGRATS...

    your officially the BOOBIE QUEEN..
  11. its so good to be Queen! even if its Queen of Boobies, oh wait, that doesnt sound right...I am the Boobie Queen! woo hoo!

    Please curtsy or bow or what ever youre supposed to do in front of a queen.

    Can I get a special throne or crown?

    no? hmmm, how about a folding chair or party hat?

    a beach chair and a bandanna?

    I better not quit my day job. ~sigh~

  12. Donna ... we're twins ... I have one of these as well. So, let's see ... you want to be the *left* side or the *right* side ... hee hee hee !:roflmfao: