Another Bluefly BV alert!

  1. Someone snatch up that ball bag now! It says taupe, so I think it’s the limo color!
    Anyone know how bluefly gets these BVs? Some styles I can see are less popular, but the veneta, cocker, cabat and the ball are classics, especially in ebano, noche, nero, and limo… I do wonder.
  2. You are so funny...
  3. OK, who's rolling in money right now? If I were, I'd be on that bag---I don't have a ball bag.
  4. i dont see it...
    is it gone already?
    if not, boxermom, you should def go for it.
  5. ^^ I just thought of writing you when I read this, Me_Love_Purse!:yes:
  6. thanks for looking out for me Marie....
  7. I don't see it either. Oh well, we found out how much we owe the state of North Carolina for taxes, and all I can say is I could buy one of those limited edition Cabats for what we'll be shelling out.