Another blueberry to drool over :D

  1. Just took a couple of piccies of my new blueberry to show you :tup:, she is super bubbly and smells amazing lol :biggrin:

    hope you like her :yes:


    oh and here she is with a couple of other naughty purchases lol
  2. Gorgeous Blueberry Spy Bag CB! :drool::drool::drool:

    I like your taste in bags period! The Chloe & MJ Stam are TDF :yahoo:
  3. wow look at that bubbly back! Love your other bags too:tup:
  4. Love it!!!:heart:
  5. Your blueberry is truly TDF:tup:.
  6. How did you get the leather to look so shiny and conditioned???
  7. she's gorgeous, congrats!! :biggrin:
  8. Love it!!! Congrats!

    I can't wait to get my first spy. This forum is really dangerous it exposes you to bags that first you thought weren't your style but the more you hang out the more you just "need" at least one....
  9. Utterly Delicious.
  10. im drooling
  11. thanks guys, ahhh she came like that!! I think the flash picks up on the shinyness but she looks like that anyhow :tup: :heart:
  12. Three beautiful bags! You have great taste.
  13. Oh my, so BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so jealous of your spy!! I can't wait to get my own :love:
  14. damn... i am so wishing i had gotten the full size instead of the baby right now :sad:

    maybe there will still be one on sale in the UK when I am there next month.
  15. WOW... your blueberry is so bubbly!!! Esp on the back! All you need now are the matching shoes... :graucho:

    She's so lovely isn't she?

    And... I'm not familiar with Marc Jacobs, all I see are fake stam bags left right and centre (I know they're fake cos the leather is atrocious). Your stam bag is BEAUTIFUL. I love the aqua. Does it have lizard skin or something? It's really really beautiful.