Another Blue India Part-Time

  1. Well gals (and guys), my bag FINALLY arrived. The leather is great, the color is scrumptious, but not so sure about the Part-Time style. I am short, and hubby (and neighbor for a second opinion) says it cuts me in half and that I should go with the City instead. But here are pics...
    BI inside 1.jpg BI inside 2.jpg BI outside 2.jpg
  2. The color is really pretty! How tall are you?

    OT: I just realized this is my 1000 post! YAY! :smile:
  3. CONGRATS on your 1000th post Avery!!!! :yahoo: :roflmfao:

    Oh, and I am 5'3"...and by the way, the inside tag is leather and not that how the Part-Time bags are tagging? :shrugs:
  4. Yes parttimes have leather tags. The only bags with silver tags are the original sizes - the first, city and work. I personally love the parttime and I am 5'4". I usually carry the work but love the strap of the parttime. Its a beautiful bag - let us know what you decide.
  5. I was all keen on getting a Part-Time until I tried one on IRL (in Truffle), and realized it looked bad on me. I am 5'3" or thereabouts too.
  6. I really love that colour! I am personally not sure on the style but I've really seen it work well on some people. If you're having any doubts, though, maybe you can exchange for a City?
  7. Etenebris, take a pic of you wearing it and we'll deliver the verdict ... *lol* just kidding ...

    I like some aspects of this style, even though it still frustrates me that it is not deeper. It is very roomy, but because of the shallow wide style, the bag can hang a little awkwardly depending on what you've got in it.

    I switched to my Black City today and it was like coming home to an old, familiar, comfortable friend... ;)
  8. So the concern with the part-time is that it is too wide for those of us who are not tall?
  9. Can you please post some pics of you modeling it?:flowers:
  10. ET - It's absolutely gorgeous!!! I :love: the color! Congrats!!! As far as cutting you in half, stop breaking your toes and wear some heels! ;) Just kidding! It's beautiful!
  11. Yeah, then I would break the whole ankle! Or perhaps a leg at my age! :roflmfao:

    Cute poochie!
    I might try to take some "modeling" pics tomorrow, when I am not in sweats. :yucky:

    They don't have a City in yet (anyday, they keep telling me), but they DO have a First...but I already have a First...and no City anymore. What to do, what to do?
  12. i love the color and the leather. can you model it for me please?
    i kinda want a parttime, but not so sure
  13. I know what you mean about the PT cutting you in half. I tried one on at NM and it looked horrendous on me. Plus, unless you keep it filled up with something long and flat (i.e. file folder or magazine?), the bag "folds" in half because it's so long.
  14. 0o0o0 the colour is AWESOME! I hope you decide to keep her... but then again I reckon you should have a b-bag that you'll always LOVE! good luck on what you decide to do.
  15. Thanks! I say that you wait for the city if you don't love the part-time--you want something that you feel great wearing!:love: