Another Bloomingdale's sale- 40% off

  1. I know what happened last time but for anyone who is interested, is having another 40% off sale (already reduced merchandise). Use code LEAVES. Sale ends 10/9/06 I think. I was going to get a pair of shoes but they were gone before I could even check out. Good luck.
  2. The sale section isn't nearly as good as it was last time around...

    Ah well, saves me money!
  3. Just been there...nothing to my liking!
  4. boo there is nothing good :crybaby: I jumped on this first thing this morning and I got all excited when I saw the MJ tote in the sale section, but when i clicked on it i got the "no longer available page". 3 hours later it was still listed in the sale section teasing other unsuspecting shoppers...:cursing: i hate it when they do that!
  5. Thank you!
  6. It doesn't work for all the sale items, only selected sale items.
  7. I just purchased a pair of brown pumps. Thanks for the tip:smile:
  8. Didn't see anything there this time. What I wanted wasn't in stock. But thanks for the tip.
  9. thanks! will check out!
  10. Darn, didn't see anything I was interested in, but thanks for the notice.
  11. Yes, I bought a beautiful D&G dress last night for only $70 (including shipping) b/c of this code!!!! Lucky day for me :smile:
  12. Wonderful!!! I just got this brooch I've been eyeing on so long~ at 40% off!!! Thanks so much for sharing the code!!! ^^ :yahoo:
  13. No!! i missed it, instead of shopping i stayed home all day.