Another Bloomingdales F&F Code

  1. Here's another one time use code: XR0940B9RVVZ
    I was planning on using it and had typed it into the checkout, but didn't end up actually going through with the order. So, hopefully the code still works. It is one time use, so, please do post if you use it.
  2. Hi thank you, i was able to use it on a Marc Jacobs.
  3. Here is one more. Enjoy!

  4. Thank you ming ming! I used your code with HW20 and got a pair of tall UGG for $114.39 after shipping and tax.
    HW20 takes off 20% of any item in Bloomingdales' catalog. And tall UGG is in the catalog.

  5. Anybody has another one I can have???

  6. oh me too please!
  7. does anybody have another one I can use?
  8. bloomies F& F already ended. Now is their private sale. Search the forum. There's threads on that.