Another blake vs. venetia question

  1. As many of you know I just got a brand new black venetia from Nordstroms anniversary sale...but a friend of mine who has only used her black blake twice just asked me if I want to buy the bag off her before she lists it on eBay. The price diff btw the venetia from Nordies and hers won't end up being all that diff (200+ish?) but still semi-significant. Now I don't know whether to return my bag or keep it. I originally wanted a blake, but now that I have the venetia I like how roomy it is and the fact it has one big pocket, but alternatively I like how the blake fits on the shoulders better...what to do?? Opinions?
  2. Why don't you ask her if you could "borrow" it and take it for a test drive to see how you like it? I think if you explain to her your dilemma, she may be willing to accommodate. It's hard to tell if you'll like a bag until you actually have it in your hands. Personally, I thought I'd always like a blake, but it wasn't until I got one that I realized how heavy and not compatible it was with my personal taste.
  3. great idea, thithi!

    elly0216, i had my eye on the blake for quite some time, and i don't regret my purchase at all. i wanted a shoulder bag first and foremost. secondly, i wanted those multiple compartments, which i love, since they help me organize things. i hate rooting around in my bag for something.

    so it's a matter of what works best for you, on a practical, day-day basis. i intend to use my bag all the time to get my money's worth. heehee...:smile:

    that black venetia you posted is gorgeous though! ;)
  4. That's a great idea. That's a tough decision the price of the Venetia for the anniversary sale is a great deal. If you decide on the Blake, could you eBay your Venetia?

    I didn't think I'd like the Venetia since the Blake fits on the shoulder better. But the Venetia felt lighter and I can still put it on my shoulder if needed. I always end up holding my bags in my hands if they're heavy anyways, so I figured its not a huge problem that the straps is shorter. I also think the Venetia looks a little better, the Blake looks a little plain. They're both great bags, you can't really go wrong with whichever one you choose. But it's a great idea to try it out, even if it's for a few hours, to figure out which one you like better.
  5. that's a tough decision! i saw the pictures of your venetia, and they looked so great that it's made me want one too! since you got such a great deal on the venetia, my advice would be to keep it. however, since bags are a matter of personal preference, i would try out thithi's idea. see if your friend will let you borrow the blake. it might turn out to be a more functional bag for you since the venetia was designed to be more of a hand held type of bag. be sure to update us on what you decide!
  6. I love the venetia but I am not a huge blake fan. I agree -- try it and see if you like it.
  7. I agree with thithi, you should try out the Blake and see if you like it. I would keep the Venetia. Or both, if you can :p