Another black leather jacket dilemma, lol ...?!

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"Vintage" Black or True Black ?

  1. "Vintage" Black

  2. True Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am going thru "biker" obsession. I just got the Rita Shearling from acne (but it's too warm here to wear it yet), and yesterday I coudn't resist and got this one:


    I love it, the leather is amazing so soft and it fits very nicely.
    Needless to say that I want a black one now as well.
    In store I tried the black version without the sheepskin collar, it's quite rock'n roll , but the "vintage" brown I bought exists also in "vintage" black which is more a faded black with darkanthra accents (you can take the sheepskin collar off). This version is a bid "softer".

    What are your opinions?


    in that tone (there is no pic of the vintage black on site)

    2) Or this, in reality ver deep/dark saturtad black (the flash makes it appear not as dark)


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  2. Catcat where is that brown one in the pic from? I couldn't find it on the acne site and I want it!

    I voted vintage black by the way.
  3. leeloo84 Sorry The Acne Rita shear is a gray shearling jacket, the brown one isn't from acne it is from Schott. But it's the "european" line so not available in the US.
  4. Thank you catcat, how typical! Hope you get lots of wear out of your lovely collection.
  5. i like the second one
  6. i like true black
  7. Keep the votes coming.
  8. like the style of the schott better
  9. i think the vintage black would give more depth to the color.

  10. Actually they are both Schott and pretty much the same style just the leather and extra collar are diffrent.
  11. I LOVE the first one.

    The black one is a little too common looking for me.

    Edit: That being said I have a few black leather jackets--1 motorcycle and have yet to pull the trigger on a brown...
  12. I like vintage black, it's a big softer and has more dimension whereas the true black is a bit too stark.
  13. I like the true black. To me, brown should be distressed or aged or "vintage" because it looks great that way; it builds character. But a "vintage" black just looks... slightly faded and old. I think a true black offers more versatility in wear, as well, because it would coordinate better with dressier clubbing or going out clothing in addition to casual, while the vintage black would be better with only casual.
  14. in that case, i like the look w/ the shearling MUCH better.
  15. That is what made me hesitate.

    LittleMsPerfect Now you are right it can look a bid "common" in black, but the leather is really amazing irl so that "saves" it.

    I think considering all this I will go with the vintage as I pretty much intend to wear it in a casual way and it will not look as "rockerish" as the true black.
    Will post pictures as soon as it gets here. There is a general strike announced in France starting on tomorrow morning so this might slow things down.