Another Black City! '05! Gorgeous!

  1. I have this bag and its a beauty. Someone will be lucky to get their hands on this one!
  2. I saw it as thick and smooshy as the other? It's hard to tell with the flash but I guess it's a slightly later bag. Regardless, it's gorgeous!
  3. And it is a PFer's listing.
  4. You cannot go wrong with this bag. It's fully documented, the leather is amazing, it's a PF'er auction! Great price, too. Very, very fair.
  5. SoCal's bag!
  6. Hi Glimmer,
    Yes, it's f/w. But no condition issues on this one. I like f/w '05 leather, anyway.
  7. Really? I've had such a bad day maybe this is just what I need to cheer me up.
  8. *whoosh*! it's gone!
  9. Cilla, did you get it?? :yahoo:
  10. :yes::yahoo:
  11. today is FABULOOUS BIN Day! congrats cilla!
  12. congrats, cilla! that city looks great!
  13. Congrats, Cilla!!!!!! That is one gorgeous bag. I just LOVE black Citys!!
  14. Congrats Cilla! ;)

    I don't know how you girls do it - locate and grab it SOOOO quick! By the time I read the posts here, everything's gone!! :crybaby: