Another black bag??


Jan 3, 2007
Hi Everyone,
I have a 35BBK & am now thinking of getting a preloved 31 black epsom bolide. The only think that stopping me are these questions (at the back of my head :thinking:) -
Are the 2 bags too similar?
Is there such a thing as too much black bags?
Most of the Bolide's I see in the forum are either light or bright colored ones. Do you think a black bolide is a bit boring?
Hope to hear from you all!


All Things H...
Jan 8, 2010
To answer your questions:

1. Nope the 2 bags are not similar at all! Both are gorgeous in different ways.
2. To me, there is no such thing as too many black bags. Black is one of the most versatile colours around! Black is my go to colour on days I'm feeling lazy or when gg for an occasion where the bag might get possibly dirty.
3. Personally, I would prefer a Bolide in a different colour, maybe something brighter or lighter? I think the Bolide looks divine in rouge H!

HTH! :flowers:


M snubbing the croc
Oct 16, 2006
This is a forum of women who have closets full of handbags. I doubt any of us will say you can have to many. These bags are completely different. I of course will encourage you to buy it. If it speaks to you and you love it, buy it.


May 7, 2006
I love black Hermes bags, have FAR TOO MANY blacks in every style there is and with multiples with different hardware, but I always am attracted to them it is the best color, it will always be in style, the Bolide is a classic in that size you will use it a huge amount.

scarf mama

May 30, 2010
I just bought my first H bag last month (no pictures yet...haven't cracked code on the upload), a 37cm black epsom bolide (PHW), and I adore it!! It's my go-to color, and I've livened it up this summer with a silver key chain and various scarves. I think the bolide is so different from other H bags...and if black is a color you love, you can't go wrong! I like the rigidity of epsom, and it's so nice and lightweight, I never feel weighed down when I'm wearing it.

Am preparing for my next bag (Birkin????? 35 cm), and as often as I think through colors, I come back to black what you love in colors you know you'll wear and leather that speaks to you--that will never be boring.


Jan 3, 2007
Thank you for all your responses! I appreciate it so much! :heart: I was ready to pay for the bag but unfortunately am having problems with my paypal :sad: Looking at the bright side - I'm just thinking that maybe this is not yet the right bag for me. Maybe I'll find it in Oct when I visit NYC....Now back to searching for my next H bag... :smile: