Another birthday quandry, need advice

  1. I can't decide what to ask my DH for, for my upcoming birthday.

    I think I want the GM Aurelia in white. But am not 'sold'. I have not seen a lot of comments on this you guys like this bag?

    Another thought was the Blue Antigua GM. I almost got this but ended up going with the brown, because I fell in love with the taupe charm slides and it matched so well!

    As you can tell I like big bags:biguns: !
  2. I love the Aurelia and was tempted to get it this summer but for me the white MC is for summer so I decided against it. We get 9 months of dark and wet winter where I live so I didn't think I would get much use out of it
  3. If you're not "sold" on the Aurelia, then perhaps it's not the bag for you?

    I do agree when people say a person should love a bag.
  4. Good point, I think I need more research :graucho: . A trip to the store, might be a good thing, I have been wanting to go...but was waiting for my SA to come back from vacation.
  5. Yeah I'd look into different bags. The Aurelia is ok but the straps are much too short, IMO. They should be similar in length to those of the Mezzo since the bags are about the same size.