Another Birkin travel protector...

  1. Finally got around to taking pics of my new travel protector. For reference:

    - "Large"
    - Long handles
    - Main colour: Parma
    - Stripe: Chocolate
    - Nickel Hardware
    - Embroidery: Parma (whited out my name in the pics!)
    - $186 total
    - Arrived in < 2 weeks

    Left pic: empty Pliage

    Right pic: side by side
    longchamp1.jpg longchamp2.jpg
  2. Raisin clemence 35cm Birkin...

    Left pic: Birkin inside

    Right pic: Pliage inside (with handles poking out!)
    longchamp3.jpg longchamp4.jpg
  3. thanks for sharing the pics with us. never get to do this...

    does this fit the 32 kelly with lots of space?
  4. Yup! Lots and lots. The problem is that it's hard to stuff the Pliage inside a 32cm rigide Kelly.
  5. beaumonde,

    I too have a pliage for my birkin while traveling. Aren't they just super?

    Now you'll need to get a new one for your barenia. :p
  6. will a 40cm birkin fit into the bag? i am looking for a travel protector for my 40cm
  7. beau, nice! I love the color you chose. :smile:
  8. Lovely
  9. I'm afraid I don't have a 40cm to test it out for you. I hope someone else has an answer! I think the bottom fits nicely, but the height of a 40cm means you won't be able to zip up the Pliage (not the end of the world, IMO).
  10. Thanks for the picture beaumonde. I need one. Is the custome color one on their website?
  11. Yay thanks for posting, I will order one soon.
  12. Lisawhit -- Yes -- I thought Parma might match Raisin, but it's a few shades off. Turned out for the best though, as it would have been too matchy-matchy otherwise!
  13. Now I just need a getaway to travel to! Poor Raisin has to go to the spa because I nicked the wax with my Hapi bracelet AGAIN (!) and some stitching has come loose. :crybaby:Perhaps she'll travel through the snow in the Pliage...
  14. what a gorgeous plum shade on both the birkin and pliage!