Another beautiful evening

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  1. I was just sitting outside with the dogs, admiring how beautiful the ocean is this evening...wanted to share.
  2. 0o0o0o0o nice!!!!! where are you located???? i wish i was sitting with ya!
  3. That is beautiful :love: Thank you for sharing. In about 3 months I will be there, in the Keys, with a similar view :nuts:
  4. that's gorgeous...i'm just grateful it's not raining anymore :Push:
  5. Key west...I was just looking at that came out fuzzy!!! Its really clear outside!
  6. That is so pretty.
  7. How serene !!! ahhh sigh !!
  8. very beautiful indeed!
  9. Very nice, thanks for sharing. It's been raining cats and dogs here.
  10. You live on the ocean?? I'm so jealous! that's awesome.
  11. Ooohh that looks so relaxing. I am so envious:smile:)))
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