Another BE Newbie Here...

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  1. well, I hope to be soon anyway! I've been a member of tPF for awhile now, but had not visited often to protect my credit card! But recently I've been pouring over the pictures and posts here and I can't tear myself away!
    I haven't posted much, if ever... but after reading many of the posts, you ladies seem so nice so I wanted to say hi.

    I was first introduced to BE with the Pink Tuesday sale, but I didn't take the plunge because I couldn't make up my mind. I've been obsessed about it ever since. This will be by far the most expensive bag I've bought so I really hope to be happy with it (don't we all). I am still torn on what to get. Can't decide between Choco crash and Pewter crash. I am waiting on some swatches from Rose (anyone know how long that takes?). Also, I thought I wanted the TME midi but after looking at the Make Me Smile Club thread, I'm not so sure. I'm going to visit Muse Ten in SF and hope that helps.

    One question - how do you all like those rolled handles? Do they stay on your shoulder? I haven't been fond of them in the past, and I'm not overly fond of 2 handled bags in general (they tend to slip on me). But, I've heard the TME rolled handles are actually more comfy than the LM flat ones.

    Anyway, sorry, didn't mean to write a book here. :Push:
  2. Hi there! Welcome to BE!! I have to say that I really like the rolled handles on BE. Normally I hate rolled handles (ie: Marc Jacobs) because they are hard and put a lot of pressure on my shoulders. However, I find that the straps on my BE bags have broken in quickly and are very comfortable to wear. They also seem to stay on my shoulders a lot better than other bags. Granted, I have rather narrow shoulders, but I think my old TME midi's handle stayed on my shoulder better than the Love Me which has a flatter handle. I also have a MMS midi and those handles stay on my shoulders very well and are quite comfortable.

    I think all of the styles that Jackie offers are unique in their own way. I keep flip flopping on my favorite style. Right now it's probably the Hug Me or the TME/ TME midi, though I"m dying to try a WTM as well. If you have the opportunity to go to a brick and motor store to try on styles, that is the best way to see what would accomodate you. I think the TME is a little more flexible in that it can be dressed up or down whereas the MMS midi is a little more formal. HTH!
  3. Welcome!! No worries...I write long posts, too (hee hee...I get excited talking about purses). I haven't tried any of the rolled handles on the BEs yet, but I do have a LM and the flat handles are not uncomfortable at all. But if they bother you in the least, the longer messenger option strap is brilliant. I tend to switch between both types of straps. That is perhaps the most fantastic part of BE: the attention to detail not only in the bags, but also with the customers. I just "discovered" this brand a few months ago myself, and have been perfectly satisfied with every aspect of my experience.

    And the crash bags ROCK. They have many, many fans. I don't think that you will go wrong with either choco crash or pewter crash! (I eventually want a pewter bag myself). :graucho:
  4. Hi and welcome to BE. I think you will be very satisfied with your purchase no matter which you decide. I don't have a MMS yet, but have been thinking about purchasing one.

    The rolled handles are very comfortable and like Loquita said if they bother you there's always the messenger strap. I think the mms is more structured so I guess it depends on what you would prefer.

    Do you like wearing messenger style bags more? Even though the MMS comes with the longer strap I don't think it looks great worn that way. Of course the handles are long enough to fit on your shoulder as does the tme, but the tme looks great worn both ways.

    I think if I were to choose from the colors you are thinking of I would prefer the mms in pewter and the tme in choco. crash.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  5. Hi! Welcome! I have been through a few different designers but have never been happier with any of them than I am with my BEs!! I have 2 bags with rolled handles and love them! I find them to be very comfortable and they stay on my shoulder which is important because normally I have trouble with shoulder straps slipping. They are soft too and seem well supported. My favorite bag out of 3 is my TME Midi. I don't own an MMS but I think no matter which you select you are going to be happy!
  6. Welcome! I am relatively new myself but have managed to acquire several BEs in the past few months.

    The pewter crash is on my wish list. It looks incredible, but then so does the chocolate crash. I have heard good things about the comfort of the rolled handles.

    How fun that you can try on the bags IRL! Do come back and tell us what you decide to buy!
  7. Thanks everyone for the welcome wishes! Its nice to hear the general consensus that I'll be happy with any BE. And that the rolled handles are comfy. I can't wait to go touch these bags on Friday. I will definitely keep you posted on my decision!
  8. Welcome to BE! I have bags that have both the rolled and flat handles. I find the rolled handles to be quite comfortable on my MMS midi (LOVE THIS BAG) but I actually prefer the flat handles--they seem to work best for me, but that may be because I'm just used to carrying bags with flat shoulder straps.

    Have you thought about how often you would carry this bag and where? What you usually wear and how these colors will fit? Maybe we can help you come up with some styles that might work. I think the MMS midi is one of the most versatile styles because it can be dressy for work or casual and is a satchel that still fits over your shoulder with the handles (BIG PLUS in my book). The LM and TME bags are great for work and casual and can be worn nicely crossbody, so that may be a consideration.

    There are a number of beautiful styles and colors. Good luck!
  9. Welcome to BE -you are going to love the bags and the customer service. I'm in the Bay Area as well and it takes about a week to get things from the UK -for just swatches maybe faster.

    I have a lot of BE bags, but two have the rolled handles and I love them. I have a huge problem keeping bags on my shoulder and my TME stays on very well as does my MMS - I have the large size in both of those. My Stroke Me straps stay on decently as well. I have a lot of Crash leather bags and I love the texture on that leather plus it looks amazing and is very durable. Whatever you get you are going to love it - all of their leathers are fabulous and the crafstmanship is first class!
  10. Well, my visit to Muse Ten was so much fun! Very cute little shop in SF if you're ever in the neighborhood.

    Much to my surprise, my favorite was the MMS midi over the TME midi. Overall I found it to be a sleeker looking bag. I think it is the shape too that draws me to it. I really like the big wide opening on the MMS, and the secret pocket is very cool. The TME doesn't open as widely unless you un-cinch the drawstring. After trying both on, a million and one times, I just like how the MMS looked better - can't pinpoint why. One thing I liked better on the TME was the handles. They are slimmer (thinner) and longer. However, I'm still not entirely sold on rolled handles - the ones on the MMS didn't stay on my shoulder all that well. I am hoping/guessing that will change (for me) once broken in.

    I compared the above two in dark grey glossy. Gorgeous leather! Pretty much as I've heard it described before - not quite patent, but with a nice shine. And very soft to touch. I also saw the TME in wine and black crash.

    I am totally kicking myself for this, but I was so smitten with the MMS that I completely forgot to ask about the WTM, SMM, and Hug Me - which they supposedly carry as well. I realized this as I was on the freeway driving home! Oh well, good excuse for another visit!

    So that's how it went. I've decided on the MMS midi for sure... and pretty much sure in pewter crash. I'm still waiting on my swatches from Rose but I am not holding my breath. Although, the dark grey glossy was so gorgeous that I've kinda got that on the brain too! What to do what to do...
  11. Glad you had a fun visit. It helps so much to try the bags on before buying. I always debate for weeks on a bag (when ordering from home), but I would know in a minute if I could see them IRL.
    I kinda have the mms midi on the brain too, but haven't decided a color. I agree the dark grey glossy is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the taupe grey.