Another bbag...small but lovely.

  1. Do make-up bags count?:shrugs: I hope so 'cause I love this one to pieces. Thank you Donna.:flowers:

    I'm definitely planning on using it as a make-up bag, but it's rather large so maybe I'll use it as a clutch from time to time.:graucho:

    How I love Pale Rose:love:

    BTW, here's a pic of my coin purse as well;)
  2. WOW that's so cute fendihunter! I LOVE pale rose :biggrin: Congrats!!!! :love:
  3. Very pretty :yahoo: I love the color too!
  4. I love it! I think the makeup is so cute as a clutch. Enjoy!
  5. That is really pretty. I would use it as a clutch at night sometimes.
  6. Fendi, is this the one that Donna had listed a few days ago? Was there ever a determination on the color? In your pics it looks like a lovely light pink. Either way, it is beautiful! :yes: I would use it as a clutch, since it seem such as shame to relegate its duties to only carrying makeup.
  7. that is a very pretty shade of pink!! :smile:

    it is nice that you have the option of using it as both a clutch and a make-up pouch.

    Does the pouch have a zipper pouch inside?
  8. Fendihunter

    Gorgeous make up bag, congratulations!

    Is that a Sapin coin purse in the photo?:heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Love it!!!! I want one in ice blue..........yours is beautiful...the leather looks so soft and smooshy.
  10. Yep, chuggie. This was Donna's make-up bag.:yes: I'm actually using a Coach case right now to carry my make-up around, but it's a bit small for what I carry. I think I might use this as a make-up bag for the time being and get a toilet case(not a big fan of them, though) in one of the new colors (french blue or periwinkle?) as my permanent make-up bag. You are right. This is just too lovely to relegate to make-up carrying duties.:love:

    About the color: I have a pale rose Day that is slightly lighter than this clutch, but it isn't faded and DEFINITELY not yellowed. So I can say "So Far So Good".
  11. Nope. Just the one main compartment.
  12. It's a black coin purse...but a sapin would be divine.:girlsigh:
  13. cutie wrinkly pale pink clutch!!! yum yum :drool:
  14. soooooo cute fendi!:yes:
  15. I bought mine on eBay from a fellow PFer so I don't really know what they retail for.:shrugs: