Another bbag or LV mono perfo??

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  1. Guys..
    I need ur opinions…
    FYI.. I already have one gray city and an ink twiggy, and maybe another bbag first (hopefully the seller wont change her mind).
    Bbag and LV are two of my favorite:love: …
    Currently my friend is offering me her new LV speedy mono perfo in magenta.. I know I love to have one… but on the other hand I am 90% sure that I am going to Hong Kong around the end of the month (unless something comes up at work) I know some of u got a fantastic deals on bbag there.. and I love to try my luck and see what I could lay my hands on…
    What do u guys think?

  2. I love & collect LV, too, however, I'm not at all a fan of the perforated line. Personally, and this is just me, of the two choices, I'd go for Balenciaga.
  3. ;) Go for the Balenciaga
  4. thanks guys..
    i am still confuse though..
    as shes offering me the LV bag at a very good price and she only used it once and decided that its too big for her..
    if i pass...i have to buy one at retail
    if i buy hers now.. i wont be able to afford another bag.. let alone another bbag for the time being.. and i am going for bbag hunting during my stay in HK...
    sorry for blabbering...
    need more advise and more convincing.....
  5. BALENCIAGA!! Personally I don't really like the perforated LV
  6. Pass on the Perfo Speedy. I think it looks very "trendy". Doesn't matter if you're getting a good deal on it. If you're not that sure about it, let it go. Unless of course it's a bag that you really want, then by all means go for it. You already have 2 B-bags, possibly a third one coming.
  7. Well- are you absolutely in love with the LV? If you're not in love with it then don't buy it b/c it's a good price- get what you just LOVE! If you absolutely love the LV then buy it at the great price. Let us know!
  8. i will think carefully about it..
    will keep u guys posted of my decision
  9. balenciaga! i'm not in love with the perf line. =D
  10. I love Vuitton. I Love bBags as well. I temporary lost my appeal on LV bags lately. It's everywhere..but I Love my collections dearly. Still waiting for that oooomph!!! that make me want to go buy LV again. (Although..i hear the Jeans like will come up with a backpack style..curious on that!!)

    Bbags is great. I didnt see them that much everywhere I go. It's different and it just says something "Special" when someone carries them.

    About the LV perforated ones...I think they make a GREAT PASTA strainer cookware....(Just Kidding). actually...not crazy about them.

    :huh: :huh: :huh:
  11. The perfo line is to me....... well...... EEWW. I say B-bag all the way. I think the look and style of the perfo. will be in the past real soon.
  12. I say go for the Bbag because I'm not a fan of the perforated line at all, but that's just my opinion. Go with what makes you happy in the long run :smile:
  13. oh, no doubt about it for me... the bbag! you can never own too many bbags. so many colors, so many styles!

    i too am not a fan of the perforated LVs.
  14. Don't get the LV perfo because the price is good...get it because you love it. Personally...I would pick the bbag just because i love them.
  15. just called my friend.. and told her i passed this time...
    i love bbag.. will start adding bbag to my collections...
    thanks guys for ur help and making made this decision....
    i am just another bbag victim...:biggrin:
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