Another Bbag at The Sartorialist

  1. This time it's a xxx ...looks gorgeous! :tup:
  2. Thanks for the link! That is my new bbag, so obviously I think it looks amazing!
  3. Can you post pictures, not links, and then just cite the source? We would appreciate that and prefer it that way much more. Thank you!
  4. Ha ha, a tPFer that is anti-GH posted a comment (on the Sartorialist page)! :nuts:
  5. Sure, Meg, no problem.
  6. i love that bag! :heart:
  7. Oh the shoes!!!! Thanks for the heads up!

    I wish you well,

  8. oooh she looks amazing! :smile:
  9. :drool: hot shoes and hot bag!!
  10. Wow~~ When I leave the house, I wish I looked like that!! Thanks for the pic-love the shoes!!
  11. wow.. she looks great!!
  12. Love it!! i esp love the tight jeans. Thanks for pic!
  13. those LANVIN shoes are TDF!!!! :drool:
  14. she looks good... and i thought i was getting a bit GH OD!
  15. hot! love the shoes and the bag.