Another bargain at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

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  1. I bought my first Marc Jacobs bag today. It's a beautiful hobo in Butter yellow. It was only $329. I couldn't believe it!! Such a beauty and at a great price. Here are some pics. :love:
    Pic060.JPG Pic064.JPG Pic072.JPG
  2. CUTE!!!!!! what is the bag called?
  3. the color on this MJ is nice, it looks like golden beige. Congrats on a good find.;)
  4. Thanks! The hang tag says it's called Hobo in Butter. Kinda odd, huh? The style # is C361009 if that means anything.

    I'm in love with how smooth & soft the lining is!
  5. Pretty bag & great price! Congrats!
  6. I've seen that on the website, but never in person. It's beautiful! Congrats!

  7. Thanks elongreach!! What did you pre-order from Nordstrom? I can't wait to see your pics too.:flowers:
  8. Love the color! Enjoy!
  9. Everything under the sun. An MJ multipocket, shoes, and sunnies. Plus I'm going to check out the clothes when i get there.:yes:
  10. Will the sale be going on tomorrow? im going to the mall of america tomorrow. : )
  11. Here it is!!! Congrats on a great find at Anniversary!
  12. Yes, the sale is ongoing until July 30th. I love the Mall of America!! Have fun shopping!
  13. wow , what a bargain. The states gets the great sales..lucky gal
  14. Congratulations on your first MJ purchase, it's a lovely bag. That color is amazing. Glad you got such a great deal on it!
  15. What a great find; beautiful color!