ANOTHER Balenciaga sale

  1. I got this is an email- I didn't call to find out anything but here it is:

    Men’s and women’s Balenciaga is 40 percent off.
    When: 6/8–6/24 (Mon.–Sat. 11–7; Sun. noon–5)
    Where: 542 W. 22nd St., nr. Tenth Ave. (212-206-0872) :graucho:
  2. gosh, i wish i was still living in NY! is this the b-store?
  3. OMG, you've gotta be kidding me, WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!?!
  4. :cry:
    why now?? WHY?!?! i wish i were still in NYC!
  5. Oy fricking vey!
  6. why now after i just bought like 5 bags in 5 weeks :shocked:
  7. Can you do phone orders?
  8. I bought 3 bags in 4 weeks. :shocked: know exactly how you feel.
  9. it's for clothes and shoes. and some bags but not the moto style ones.
  10. I'm not positive, but usually when they have sales at BNY, it's just clothes, not bags. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
  11. If it's bags, I just cut and paste this from Cate22's post from two days ago. Just to get an idea of their inventory.:

    I just received an email from the Bal NY store on what they have:

    Currently In Stock:
    First: Black, White, Grey, Bleu, Rose, Origan, Lilac,
    Metallic Rose, Rust, Emerald, Caramel,
    City: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Bleu, Rose, Emerald, Lilac, Toile with
    Blk Trim
    Leather Trim,
    Twiggy: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Bleu, Ink, Rose, Emerald, Rust, Caramel
    Day: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Rose, Bleu, Ice Blue, Ink, Metallic Rose,
    Metallic Silver, Toile with Rust Trim, Toile with Blk Trim
    Work: Black, Origan, Bleu, Lilac, Rose
    Weekender: Black, White, Grey, Rose, Bleu, Ink, Lilac, Emerald, Rust,
    Messenger: Black, Grey, Dark Olive, Teal
    Box: Black, White, Rose, Bleu, Ink, Emerald, Caramel Dark Denim w/Marron
    Leather Trim, Dark Denim w/Ivory Leather Trim
    Shopping: Calcaire, Ice Blue, Rouge, Grey, Rose, Lilac, Caramel, Origan,
    Purse: Black, White, Grey, Origan, Rose, Bleu, Emerald, Rust
    La Pouchette: White, Grey, Bleu, Ink, Origan, Rose
    Clutch: White, Grey, Origan, Dark Olive, Ink, Magenta
    Wallet: Black, Grey, Chocolate, Calcaire
    Mini Wallet: Black, Origan
    Coin Purse: Black, White, Grey, Wine, Dark Olive, Origan, Magenta, Rouge,
    Hook Box: Black, White, Grey, Bleu, Rose
    Hook Work: White, Black, Rose, Lilac, Ink
    Hook Weekender: White, Black, Rose, Ink, Lilac
  12. do you think they'll have compagnons on sale? dying for one! maybe that's within my budget!
  13. oh, sorry, i guess the compagnons are the "clutch" and "wallet"?
  14. I just called.. (talk about shop-o-holic & a bit anxious hehe) and they said the only bags on sale will be the canvas material ones.. b:huh:o.

    I was really hoping for my first b-bag (the city).. *sniffle*
  15. Greetings,

    I just called BAL NY store and spoke with Kim. NONE of the Arena bags are on sale. (Not the city, weekenders..etc) The ones on sale are the thicker leather duffel, ladies bags..etc. It's thier non commercialised bags.

    So...PHEW!! What a relief..I thought it was thier classic, weekender collections!

    Dont panic guys and girls...unless if you really want the bags that are'nt well known or seen around..go for it. I saw some of those bags at NM Vegas last weekend..they looked OK, simple and plain.

    PS..NM Vegas are having a BAG Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, Chloe (The expandable Zip Tote)..etc. Did'nt buy anything though..saving up for Fall06.