Another Balenciaga or a Dior Gaucho?

  1. Hi all,

    I love my Balenciaga bags and have been on a mission to get another in the old leather, but i went into Dior today and tried out the Gaucho bags. I am thinking maybe i should get the med size in either red or blue or black if they can find me one.

    For all for you Bbag lovers, have any of you bought a Gaucho and do you love it as much as your Bbags?

    I'm scared to buy the Gaucho because recently I bought a Chloe Edith and just am not diggn' it and wished I would have saved my money for another Bbag. I don't like it b/c it is too hard to carry on my arm. I like bags i can fit over my shoulder I guess. Also it is too stiff and heavy. The Gaucho seemed to be nice and soft and not to heavy.

    What should I do?

    Thanks all:flowers:
  2. *love* your chihuahua. I don't have a bbag, but I like both! But since you already have the balenciaga I say go for the Gaucho..I love it!
  3. Thanks that is Bella in her tracksuit. She hates clothes so she is pouting in that photo.

    Do you use your Gaucho all the time? I use my Bal. hobo almost everyday
  4. i say go for the gaucho if you already have a bbag!!!
  5. I have four Bbags and a medium red Gaucho. I LOVE my gaucho! I use it quite a bit. It stays on the shoulder and the leather is super soft. It is a very unique style. I LOVE it. I say get one.
  6. I have 2 Gauchos, so that shows you how much I LOVE the bag. I had to get the white for summer and brown for fall. It is such a unique bag as Kat said. It's one of the few shoulder bags that I don't have any problems with slipping off my shoulder. Saks here in Las Vegas has the medium shoulder in blue, black, and red. PM me if you're interested and I'll give you my SA's name. She's a sweetheart!
  7. I really don't like the look of the Gauchos (runs and hides in corner) - so i'd go for an old leather balenciaga. That would be a very special bag.
  8. I have 2 B-bags and a black Gaucho. I love both styles for different reasons so I would say GO for it!!
  9. I have many Bal bags and adore them to death, but I also have a red medium Gaucho and like it for different reasons as well. It stays on the shoulder great, is soft and comfortable and slouchy, the leather's beautiful and vintage-looking and it's a nice change from other bags. (I agree about the Edith being difficult to carry - while I love the look of mine, I only carry it if I know I won't need to use my hands or my arms at all that day.:amuse:) I think you should get the Gaucho for variety.
  10. Like the other gaucho owners, I love my medium gaucho as well. I love how beautiful the leather is and how easy the gaucho is to carry. I have a Bbag twiggy and love it as well. Both are beautiful bags but it's always nice to have variety in your collection ... get the gaucho!
  11. I just got the blue gaucho and I'm liking it a lot. I love the fact that it sits on my shoulder fairly well. At first, I was iffy about it, but then I looked in the mirror and thought "Wow, that bag looks great on me!". I would say go to the store and try it out and see how you feel about it. You can always get an old leather balenciaga if it doesn't work out too.
  12. Thanks all
    I did try on the Gaucho in the greenish brown and the blue. I really liked how it looked on me. I like how the bag has a casual look to it. Do you guys think it is still in style or should I wait and see what new bags are out for fall?
    Oh if only I had enough money to buy them all!!!!
  13. It's definitely still in style. Mischa Barton was just photographed carrying her brownish green tote all over LA. It's up to you though. If it's not LOVE for you, then pass on it and wait until Fall.
  14. I prefer the b-bags, but go with your own instincts here!
  15. dior gaucho