another balenciaga lover is born!!

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  1. I just received my very first bbag-a white city!I am sooo in :love: :love: ! Where I live I never see them-even fakes-so this was my first time to see it IRL. My only concern is that I just won an ebay auction for a cream paddy-I don't think I need 2 white bags :nuts: but I don't know if I can give this city up!! I already ordered another city in black-I know-boring color-but I'm new:biggrin: I have been checking out the cornflower......I'd post pics but haven't learned how to do that yet:smile: I think I may be on my way to another addiction!
  2. How fun!

    I just bought the Kerala by Chloe & this morning I woke up & went straight to looking into buying a Bbag!
  3. PGN, I'm dying for a bbag. I thought i was over it this fall, but i've fallen in love w/ them all over again. I got a fever, and the only prescription is more BBAGS!
  4. Why do you suppose this is? The first time I saw one, I didn't even like the design and now I'm addicted too. I'm trying to figure out why that should be. Usually, I either like a handbag design or I don't. Now, I'm obsessed. Go figure.
  5. Congrats and welcome to "the club!"
  6. Congratulations! "You can't have just one" :lol:
  7. Yay! That's wonderful. I wish I could feel comfortable carrying a white bag but I am a slob lol.
  8. Welcome to the B-Bag Fan Club!!!
  9. Congrats!!! You'll be having more and more before you know it!

    Posting pics is pretty easy. I just tried it myself yesterday;) It's similar to attaching files in emails. When you're posting just click on the attach symbol (the paper clip) and u can attach files straight from you pc.
  10. PGN - Congrats!
    Where'd you order your black city? (I think I'm becoming obsessed with this bag)....
  11. Well I've joined the club too. I've been wanting a b bag for ever now and finally bought a bordeaux box on wed. it's not even here yet and I already want to go out and get another. Definetly the first. I think I'll wait till the fall colors come out though.
  12. Congrats. I am a Bbag fan too! I love my Bbag. Hopfully I can have another one by this winter.
  13. Congrats! :nuts:
  14. Yay! Welcome to the club! Congrats on your new white city bbag! :nuts:
  15. I ordered it from NM in White Plains NY-877-634-6269. It possibly might arrive today:lol: