Another Bag what is it??

  1. I was just searching through some coach pictures on photobucket and I ran across this cute bag. What style # is it and name??


    almost looks like this matches it...
  2. don't know but it's really cute..
  3. [​IMG]

    maybe its called the Coach Soho Signature Stud tote?
  4. I think its a small satchel of some kind but I do not know the style number. There are some professionals on here that will be able to help you!
  5. This is the Coach Soho Signature Studded Satchel style #6423. It came out in Jan. 2006.
  6. never mind I saw you post Jan 2006 lol
  7. This style also came in a small hobo style #6424 and a large hobo style #6426.
  8. Here are the drilldown pics. I have this in the small hobo in the gold color.
    6423_d1.jpg 6424_d1.jpg 6426_d1.jpg
  9. is this purse still for sale if you call coach customer service?? and is there any o eBay I didn't see any.. thanks for helping out
  10. You would have to call and ask :tup:
  11. This is mine!:love:
    My Bags 009.JPG
  12. ^^^ooohhhhh!!!

  13. your purse and wallet is so cute!!