Another bag up for grab on Bluefly

  1. i'm dying for the magenta version of the bag they had up awhile back.......but this is way cool of you becca :P
  2. Tan calf hair shoulder bag; $636

    Plus there is a coupon: 15% off MISSEDYOU806

  3. Sorry, it is an addiction of mine! I am probably bugging the crap out of you guys!!! :smile:
  4. not bugging me at all :shame:......i know that if in one of these posts there happens to be a magenta one i'll be eternally grateful to you and worship at your feet :biggrin:
  5. Not at all! I love hearing news about what's available :amuse:

    If anyone sees a small makeup in green or blue, please hold it for me! Thanks v. much!
  6. NO WAY! Your like our own Personal Shopper! Thank you!!!
  7. not a fan of the tan
  8. No, Becca...We're grateful you keep such good tabs on Bbags on Bluefly! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. jc2239,

    I have a magenta purse like that tan one that I was planning on sending back to Bluefly, the strap is too short for my taste. I'm thinking of getting a magenta first or box instead.
  10. Winternight ... you might want to consider selling the Magenta Purse here on the forum (hint ... hint ... :biggrin: !!!)
  11. Hey Winternight -- I have a magenta box if you're interested...
  12. Becca,
    You are amazing! How often do you have to check BlueFly to catch all of these listings???:weird: