Another bag~ Opinions please??

  1. Any thoughts??
  2. I think it's very nice! :heart:
  3. Cute bag.
  4. I like the style, but I'm not a fan of the croc look. I know it's popular right now.
  5. I like the style, it looks like it would hold plenty and be easy to get in and out of....

    I have to agree with boxermom though - I am not a big fan of croc on handbags... Still a cute bag though!!
  6. Cute bag.
    I don't really like croc though.
  7. Style is cute. and it def looks roomy and practical... but would have to agree w/ the others about the croc, not a huge fan of it. still cute though!
  8. Not really a fan of patent or croc, so I'd personally never buy it, but if it's your style - go for it!

  9. not my style.
  10. I like it!
  11. Am not a fan of this one-but if you like it-go for it. I thought they had a cute Kenneth Cole one on there for only $86.

  12. Nice bag I suppose, but it's not my style. Too dressy for me.
  13. Thanks for your opinions everyone!
  14. It looks like it would be a cute and functional bag. Patent is very "in" right now, too.