Another bag collaboration?

  1. Do you all think Sanrio's upcoming collaboration will have a line of small bags with Tokidoki? Since I've heard of the Sanrio/Tokidoki coming in December, I've noticed a few Hello Kitty little purses that look and feel very similar to LeSportsac's materials and design. Also, Sanrio is producing nylon pouches- very close in size to Caramella- with their characters, with the random prints similar in design to the current LeSportsac bags (in fact, I picked up one of these pouches since I can't seem to find a Caramella anywhere!!).
    Hmmm....maybe Sanrio is going to keep riding this out after the LeSportsac collaboration is over? Maybe I'm just noticing something obvious to everyone else?
  2. It's possible that there's bags for the Hello Kitty x Tokidoki collaboration since nothing confirmed have leaked out. IMO, Sanrio has always offer similar styles to some designer brands. In fact, I have a rip nylon Hello Kitty bag that I got 3 or 4 years ago. So those nylon pouches you saw might not be a definite sign of Hello Kitty x Tokidoki bags. I would love it if they do have bags/small accessories though.
  3. The bag style/fabric/whatever is more lesportac than tokidoki, so I wouldn't think that would necessarily mean anything. I hope it's more than just jewelry though.
  4. I hope they won't...well idk if they do I probably won't buy it unless it's super cute cuz I really think I am just too old for little cutesy stuff like that already(tokidoki is cute, but not that kind of cute)...idk that is just me though.

    UGH, I dont make sense.
  5. I really really hope there are no more bags. :sweatdrop: As much as I :heart: Toki we (well really my BF) can't afford to keep buying them like we have been. I mean I am kinda :nuts::nuts::nuts: having so many bags in the first place. It's starting to stress me out's just not that much fun anymore b/c it's become such an expensive addiction :shame:
  6. i hear ya. i'm too old for hello kitty.

    if tokidoki characters and sanrio characters were mixed on the same bag i probably would never ever buy it
  7. I think Hello Kitty is really cute, but I agree, I'm too old to carry a Hello Kitty purse. However, they could surprise us... you never know =)
  8. Oh if they surprise us it will be good....well not good for my wallet but ya know haha.
  9. I am 25 and I still rock Hello Kitty...I LOVE her and grew up with her. I am looking foward to the jewelry.

    Ps...I still carry Hello Kitty purses...Sorry but Toki is not anymore grown up than HK.
  10. It will be kinda hard for me to buy HK , way past that *age* .. LOL ... Tokidoki is a lil different since it's LeSportsac and not many young tweens or kiddies can afford them, so it's more grown up? IDK if it makes sense but that's how I feel ..
  11. Yeah but Toki is not JUST LeSportSac...he has other bags too.
  12. ToKiXtina : I meant to say the LeSportsac Tokidoki collaboration .. :smile: I am aware that there are heaps of other Tokidoki stuffs out there but my main focal point in my collection are the LeSportsac Tokidoki bags.
  13. The whole reason I gravitated towards tokis, was because it reminded me soooo much of Hello Kitty. Neiman Marcus carried a $12,000 diamond encrusted Hello Kitty necklace, designed by Kimora Simmons. I think HK is ageless icon, that's what makes it so special.
  14. OK, sorry but I don't see why you're getting so defensive about what a few of us said, xtina. We're saying that WE feel too old for it. We said nothing about YOU liking it. That was OUR opinion of it. Not all of us like the same stuff. And uhh yeah I'm sure most of us are aware of the fact that there are other toki bags besides lesportsac..and I even have one. But in my opinion tokidoki is a little more grownup than HK..but that's my opinion and I reserve the right to have an opinion and you can say what you want, but don't tell us how to feel about it or that we should think they're at the same level if we don't want to feel that way.
  15. Well, let's just say I am older and I still rock HK too! I helps that I have a 11yo daughter who loves Sanrio.
    I know Simone mentioned jewelry, underwear, bedding and stationary...I am not sure if I want to invest in another bag line.:confused1: