Another Bad Paris Hilton Photo

  1. Okay, the photographer responsible for this photo spread needs to be fired! Click on the link below and see how it's just wrong on so many different levels!

    Paris Hilton
  2. Ha ha ha! That photo's so funny!
  3. well, it's not as bad as I was expecting
  4. i like that picture. i love the guess pics of paris!
  5. It just looks like she likes her dog... A LOT.
  6. she is going to go to number one on the billboard with her new album paris - this girl is untouchable
  7. I would have to agree she is pretty untouchable
  8. ....definitely untouchable . I mean , who wants a STD ? :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. hahaha! that is good!
  10. LMAO Ayla, That is priceless!!
  11. i think that 'doll' picture is pathetic. i mean, how would we like it if dolls were made of us showing off our flaws.. i dunno, im not trying to be rude in ANY way so dont take it like that pleeease, but i just think that doll link is so horrible.. NO offence AT ALL to the person who posted it!!

    i just feel bad for ANYONE - even paris - when ppl make fun of things they cant help!
  12. poor dog..feel sorry for her..LOL
  13. wow, she looks sooo trashy