Another Bad Habit in The Works!!

  1. I'll post pics later, but I just received the Musique de Spheres and Luna Park scarves. They were on eBay and you lovely Hermes ladies authenticated them for me. You were dead on the mark, too! I still haven't caught my breath yet. The Luna Park jacquard weave is amazing! The colors in the scarf are so vivid! I play the violin, so I HAD to have the Musique de Spheres when I saw it.

    I'm so in trouble. I'm in love with Hermes scarves now! My DH will be so pleased to learn I've found something else to spend his money on!! :roflmfao:
  2. I borrowed these from their eBay listings for the moment until I can get my own pics up. Just wanted to share! GORGEOUS aren't they? :love:


  3. They are lovely -- congrats!
  4. Well done Prada Psycho, youre new scarves are gorgeous. :heart:I have the Musique de Spheres in a different colourway, and I love it
  5. Fantastic. I love them both. You really are in trouble now, you know.

    Will you be collecting music scarves???:graucho:
  6. Well, this one is actually my second music themed scarf. My first was Boogie Nights. Loves!! :love:

    Yep, I'm in trouble. :push:
  7. congrats Prada,
    I love scarves. I actually thave the exact same scarf, Luna Park blue colorway, it is by far the FAV of my collection
  8. ^^^They are so beautiful that I feel like I should have them framed instead of wearing them!! :tender:
  9. Beautiful scarves, Prada! I can see why you bought the Musique de Spheres scarf :smile:
  10. Hermes Scarves Are Such An Addiction (My Favorite!!!)!!!!!! Such Beauties....Enjoy These Prada Psycho!!!!:heart:
  11. And here they are IRL! It's hard to photograph scarves though. I ended up putting a towel on the floor, placed the scarf on the towel and jumped up on a chair then took the pics! :upsidedown:

    It's just a shame that it's so hard to get a good picture. These scarves are breathtaking!
    2007_0817Image0068.JPG 2007_0817Image0063.JPG 2007_0817Image0060.JPG 2007_0817Image0061.JPG 2007_0817Image0062.JPG
  12. Congrats, PP! How are you wearing them...on your body, in your hair or on your bags...or all? Gorgeous!!!
  13. Ever seen the scarf dance, PG? :graucho:
  14. Great purchases Prada!
  15. So Beautiful!!!!!