another bad experience with LV

  1. to make my long story short. i had exchanged a bag twice within the period of 14 days. but bec of my indecisiveness i went ahead and tried to exchange for the third time on the 16th day. while at the store trying to decide what to get, nothing really caught my eye so i had asked the Manager if i can just take a STORE CREDIT. the manager then says " no, you are only allowed to do an exchange! if u have a problem with this you can take the bag where you had originally purchased it and argue with them!" (this guy was so snobby) how rude right? so i had no choice but to get a bag right then and there and ended up walking out w/ a blk mult. rita. the Rita wasnt really my first choice but since i was pressured to purchase something...i had no choice:sad:. since i am newbie to LV. i trusted the manager since he knows the policy better than i do.

    so now 3 mos had past and i still wonder why i was treated this way. while doing my research and talking with diff managers from diff lv stores says that their policy is - 14 days to return and get ur refund or do an exchange and 30 days to exchange or get a STORE CREDIT. i dont understand why i was not given that option while i followed all the rules.
    after reading some of the threads here on tpf about the return and exchange policy. i finally had the courage to call 866 and file a complaint. i am now trying to square things out with lv and hopeful that something could be done. i just thought i'd share this experience with you guys for i know i am not the only one who's had some bad costumer service from LV.
    i am still waiting for the directors soon as i hear the final verdict...i will keep u guys posted.

    sorry for the long post:sad:
  2. Wow! I am sorry to hear this. Is the policy posted at the store? I thought it was the legal responsibility of the store to have it posted, then there is no confusion.

    Ooops...there are rules in four states that require posting of refund policies (are you in one of these states?):

    In California, sellers who do not allow a full cash or credit refund within seven days of purchase have to post the store’s refund credit policy. If the seller fails to post the policy, you can return the goods for a full refund within thirty days of your purchase.

    In Florida, if the seller has a no-refund policy, such a statement must be posted in a store. If a no-refund policy isn’t posted, you may return unused goods in the original packaging within seven days for a full refund.

    In New York, sellers with a no-refund policy have to post it. If a seller does not post the policy, you’re entitled to a choice of cash or credit refund within twenty days if goods are not used or damaged.

    In Virginia, sellers must post the refund or exchange policies, unless they give a full cash refund or full credit within twenty days after purchase.
  3. apparently according to the rep from the 866 #. i could have been based on my return history. i think they keep a record of ur purchases or something. regardless tho...they still should've given me a store credit. its not like they are losing bussiness...i wasnt returning the bag for a rufund. i think the manager just wanted the commission. lol.
  4. Sorry for your bad experience. What does it says under your receipt? US policy sounds to be a lot lenient than ours(Aus). We are only allowed to exchange once only OR return for a store credit, no full refund.
  5. thanks!

    i live in CA
  6. I'm glad that you went to 866 to file a complaint. Regardless of the circumstances, SAs and managers should always be polite. And if it was not possible to do something, and I'm not saying it was or was not, they should've explained why. At the prices set by LV you should be totally happy with your purchase.
  7. i just got off the phone with the customer service rep from 866 and apparently since it has been 3 months they are not able to give me a store credit. this really sucks!!!!! she said that i shouldve called them within the 30 days from when i had baught the purse. so....sooo...stupid! how can i call and complain when i had no idea whatsoever about thier ever changing return/exchange policy. besides, during the 30 day period i was convinced that it was a final sale and i am stuck with it. arggghhhh!!! helll with more louis for me! (at least for awhile)
  8. at least they offer u a store credit.
  9. Sorry, I've been a victim of bad service myself. I was turned off for a long time, but then just decided I was punishing myself. They could care less if you shop there really. So I went back and it's been better, just chalk it up to experience and move on loving the LV like you did before.
  10. yah damier lover, i cant really hate the brand...i just hate the people working there. it is a luxury would think they would be trained to provide good costumer service since you are paying thousands of dollars for their stuff. i mean money doesnt come out of our a**ss and most of us work hard to save money to provide ourselves with such luxurious pieces like LV. therefore we as customers should be treated with good service. imo
  11. sorry abt yr bad experience...BUT u learned something from this and it iwll helped ya in yr future purchase:tup::yes:
  12. yup! it is deffinately a learning experience. :hysteric:
  13. Sorry to hear about your experience! It seems that the state of CA is very varied in terms of customer service - some boutiques are apparently wonderful, while others are horrid. At least you have some variety in terms of boutiques! Hopefully once you are over this bad experience, you will meet a nice SA who will take better care of you! BTW your signature is so cute!
  14. why dont you take your time to make up your mind before purchasing in the first place? 1 exchange i understand, 3 times???
  15. did you explain that it wasn't your fault, the manager you dealt with was rude and fed you wrong information? therefore you had no way of knowing because he told you wrong information, basically lied to you!