Another bad experience.. but on elux??

  1. Hello everyone. I've been lurking here a while now, and it really sucks that my first post would be about this :crybaby:

    I've been lemming after the Mini Lin Speedy since I saw someone carrying one a couple months ago. At that time, I was saving up for an Azur Speedy 25 (which was taking an ungodly long time since I'm a poor college student funding my bag craving by working a [crappy] part-time, minimum-wage job :p), and since I couldn't decide between which bag to buy first I chose to save up and get both at the same time.

    After all my lurking here, I found myself falling in LVoe with the Ebene color too, and figured I've been saving so long already I might as well go all the way and save up for that too.

    So finally I've got the money to buy all 3 bags, and I go on eLuxury to do it because I live in NYC, and what I'd pay on tax would fund another textbook :rolleyes: and besides, there was free shipping last week :supacool:

    I placed my order on the 28th; they didn't have the Ebene but I said screw it and ordered the Dune & Azur Speedys anyway. 3 days later, I send off an email to eLux to see how my order's coming along, to be told that they couldn't process my order and to call my financial institution. :confused1: So I called and confirmed all my information, including updating the shipping addresses I had on file and letting them know I planned on making a purchase for around $2000 so they wouldn't think someone stole my card.

    I placed my order again on the 31st, this time with the Ebene since it came back in stock. I've been super excited all weekend because there's no way there'd be a problem this time with all the info confirmed... Or so I thought.

    I log in an hour ago to check my order status and yup, it's been canceled. My Order History is just blank like I never ordered anything. I just called AmEx and they say there hasn't been any activity and reconfirmed my info again. WTH!!! :cursing:

    I'm getting so fed up I'm about to just go down to 5th Ave tomorrow and buy it in person, taxes be damned. It's ridiculous that they don't even notify me that there was a problem with my orders, I had to find out both times for myself.

    Has anyone else ever had problems ordering from eLux before?? Or is this just a freak occurrence/sign that Speedys + me = just weren't meant to be :mad:
  2. I have had them confirm my order and I have also had to have them verify with amex as well, so don't let it get you down. Be nice and call them on Tuesday (Monday is a Holiday) and explain what happened. I am sure they will honor the free shipping!
  3. ^^ I agree, call them and place the order over the phone. They are very helpful on the phone and i know in past it has taken a few days for them to process orders i have made but if its totally cancelled then thats definitely different.

    Now i know that one time, my husband bought me a purse for about 1600 for Christmas and i guess the credit card company flagged it or something and they just stopped the order instead of following up like they were supposed to and we had to call them but we also called the credit card company and they had record of it at least so yours is very odd indeed.

    anyways, long story short....give them a call and see what they say! If you can save the tax then i would go that route for sure.

    good luck, let us know what happens :smile:
  4. Wow --- don't give up especially when you can save on the taxes! I hope you get your LV goodies soon!! Oh --- and welcome to tPF!!
  5. I'd definitely call the order in. Amex is pretty notorious for declining large purchases if they think it's suspicious and you don't even really find out until you check on your order.
  6. I have never ordered from Elux since I live in California and there is no tax advantage

    I would call then and speak to a customer service rep. I have even read where people get a gift cert. for their inconvenience.

    Good Luck

    I hope you love your Mini Lin's as much as I do.

  7. I ordered from them and it was the first purchase I made on my amex. I ended up having to call them the next day too...
  8. I don't feel comfortable to order online mainly because I don't trust my computer, so I order over the phone. It works great, you may try that!
  9. Good luck with what ever way you decide to do it. If you go to a store go to NJ and pay a bit less in tax. In store you can also examine the bags and get the feel of them with all your stuff in it. Have fun ,can't wait to see them.
  10. I have always found that Elux goes above and beyond in their effort to provide excellent customer service. I would call the 800 number and speak with a rep though. Why leave any room for a bad technology day on computer?
  11. Nope.
    Never had any problem with Elux.
    I think it's your American Express card.
    Good luck.
  12. eLux has been great. I have never had a problem with them. It most likely is your card. I would call eLux to place the order that way you are assured it goes through
  13. Let us know how it goes, & welcome to the board!
  14. I am so sorry this happen to you.
  15. I agree, call them and order over the phone. The money you're saving on taxes is definitely worth it!

    Good Luck and let us know how it goes! =)