Another baby? How to tell a two year old?

  1. Any moms out there with a toddler and an infant? How or Do you explain it to the toddler?:confused1:
  2. you don't! LOL!

    No seriously, if your toddler is kind of hard on you, like jumps and runs into you a lot, you should start telling them there's a baby in your tummy and pat it.
    Explaning is a waste of time, just saying it is plenty.

    If your baby isn't hard on you, doesn't roll around and pounce on your lap, then I'd wait until it's obvious, hwen you're showing.
  3. What Swanky said!
  4. I'm sorry, but this seems like an enjoyable conversation with a 2 year old.

    "Guess what?"
    "You're going to have a brother soon"
    "Isn't that great? What? You just farted? Ok then"

    I'm guessing it's not going to be a big deal.
  5. My daughter is 19 months and my son is due like in three days. Dr. suggested to give her a doll and feed the doll, change the doll's dipaers, teach her how to hold the doll, etc. just to get her used to seeing such things. Also good to have the toddler see you holding other children so that they get used to it. You really can't explain much to them at that age, however, I point to my tummy and tell my daughter that baby brother is in here and she waves to my tummy and hugs my tummy etc. I am sure it'll still be confusing and difficult when baby brother arrives. Oh well...
  6. Thanks! Good luck! Keep me posted on the adventure!
  7. My son was 3 when my daughter was born. He knew mommy was going to have a baby and all he could say was that he wanted a baby sister. He was determined to get a sister and was so excited to give up his crib for a big boy bed. He loved to help me when his baby sister came home. He was in awe of her and would get anything I needed. I tried to keep him involved in helping me. He loved to sit and hold her on his lap--with me sitting with them. He would try to laugh and giggle to make her stop crying. He would go in his toybox and give her all his baby toys because she was a baby. He accepted her and really had such a strong bond with her. It really was a beautiful time when they were so young and bonded.
  8. i think every child is different so maybe the approach may need to be adjusted. i rememeber hearing from someone mentioning to her daughter that she could not carry her anymore as she has a little baby inside her. the girl is so sweet and she understands :smile:.
  9. That is really sweet of him! What a wonderful big brother!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart: