Another Baby Cabas Reinterpretation!

  1. I know that designers borrow design inspiration from everyone else, but this is getting pretty literal!

    M Missoni


    Done up with Missoni's signature weave, of course...

  2. Others may disagree, but to me this is a knockoff. It's just too similar. I realize that designers "borrow" from each other, but this is copied.
  3. looks like they used the 'hidden chain' design too, for the chain part.
  4. At least they make the material look 'Italian' and 'Missoni'...not French and Chanel...
  5. That's why I'm getting turned off the cabas. To many copies.
  6. Clearly, Missoni has no pride whatsoever.
  7. I love Missoni, but IMO this bag is :tdown::tdown:
  8. I've seen sooo many "inspired" bags of the cabas. Even saw one on HSN! (or QVC, one of the tv shopping shows). I was in shock.

    It's legal, I know, but still a little annoying.
  9. Imitation is the best form of flattery? But I wonder why they came out with something so similar. They're an established name -- why not come out with something fabulous and unique??
  10. as the owner of the the same one in your avatar, i must agree. legal, but annoying. i even saw a baby phat one. eew!!!!

    am especially disappointed that this would be commissioned by missoni who is 1) an esteemed design house of its own & 2) has a very unique signature print as well. interesting decision...
  11. That's not cool coming from a designer that is already established. I would expect this from forever 21.
  12. :tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown::tdown:
  13. bah. irritating...
  14. I have seen so many "cabas" from other brands and boutiques too; selling at a fraction of our Chanel of cos...... :sad:
  15. i would still kill for a cabas no other brand can pull the style off like chanel