Another B.Makowsky Bag

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  1. Okay. I know that I'm supposed to be BANNED for the next 2 to 3 months. But however, when I saw the bag at work on the shelf I couldn't resist. So yes by today was PAY DAY for me I went ahead and purchased the B.Makowsky Portofino Tote in metallic white. And also I only paid half of the retail price so instead of paying $248 I ended up paying only $134 for it. Also here is the link of what the bag actually look like even though the picture is showing black the actual bag that I bought is metallic white
  2. They had a really pretty light yellow one at TJMAXX today.
  3. i saw that bag at TJMaxx and both me and my gayman loved it! i also saw the sutton satchel i own in the saddle color in CREAM which honestly made me feel like i needed 2 of them.

    these bags are VERY durable. it goes everywhere with me. it sits on the floor in my car. it's had almost a whole bottle of fizzy watter spilled in it. it has no rips scratches or water stains at all. it's been to hell and back and it looks and feels twice as good as when i first received it. the patina on the leather is becoming more and more delicious by the day.

    this is what mine looks like. i hope you enjoy yours! great choice!!!!!!!!


    it's WAYYY slouchy. thats a way stuffed picture!
  4. I didn't see a yellow Makowsky bag at my local TJ Maxx on yesterday. But however, though I did see one on ebay that I'm thinking about getting later on.
    :banned: for the next 2 to 3 months
  5. Do not know much about the bag manufacturer--but i really like this one from Nordstrom! Very nice zippers in front and the color, not bad!
  6. i really like that one too! the sky blue is definitely hot!
  7. I'll have to take a look and see if our TJM has any....they are pretty bags.

  8. I did get the B.Makowsky in the metallic white, and when I went back to TJ Maxx today they had the Sutton Satchel in white, but I didn't like the white at all. And besides after this one I won't need another white bag.
    No longer :banned:
  9. i saw the cream sutton satchel last time i went and i thought it was divine. but if i ever bought it, it would probably end up being the only white-ish bag i own cuz i really do beat my bags up.
  10. i'm gonna need to take a quick trip to TJMAXX too now..
  11. let us know what you find!